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Friday, January 29, 2010


Have been chatting online this morning with tremendimouse who reads my blog. Check out his photos below and his blog. He's a really nice guy.

He's into smooth, hairless bodies; all-over tans; sailing; hiking; running shirtless (any weather; any temperature); cycling; the great outdoors under canvas; being naked; minimal underwear and swimwear; massage (giving and getting); photography; common courtesy and good manners; cold water therapy, dousing and cold water swimming [by cold he means anything less than 10C]; pain endurance (nipple). He's said me that:

if you are gonna write about this "crazy southerner" that you chatted with - ask if anyone wants to join me for a run or a very cold bath or swim sometime and to send comments to me too

His email is tremendimouse@hotmail.com and his Youtube page is here. He's got some vids on there showing him putting some pins through his nipple.

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