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Monday, December 13, 2010

At what age did you find interest in the same sex?

I guess I was about 19 when I really decided I was bi. I'd always been curious but it wasn't until I was at university that I realised I was attracted to both sexes.

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Anonymous said...

I was 8 years old. The only part of gym class I liked was going into the locker room the same time the high school basketball team was suiting up for practice.

Kentucky Jacker said...

I was drawn to other guys from as far back as I can remember. Im sure as far as the pre-puberty time goes, it was likely more of a fascination whenever I would get a chance to peek at an adult cock rather than a sexual interest considering I didn't really have sexual knowledge. But non-the less, I still LOVED to see them and couldn't get enough of it, from my dad at home, to strangers in locker rooms or public urinals, to beach changing rooms/showers. Around the time of puberty I assumed I was gay but wasn't really sure due to some puberty books I had read that mentioned things about boys going through that stage where they are interested in other boys but that most grow out of it as they get older so I didn't know whether I was or if it was just that curiosity stage. As time went by and I got into my later teen years, I ended up trying pussy when I was 16 just to see if I liked it or not. It was with an older women that I knew, she was late 20's at the time. Honestly the physical feeling of it wasn't what I would call bad however I also wasn't what I would call turned on either. I continued with other guys up until I was around 20 and then ended up having an unplanned casual encounter with another woman that I knew who was again, a little older but extremely good looking (as far as women go). Of course at 20 I think most people are pretty sure of what they like and I knew by that time I was into men but for whatever reason with us that happened anyway. Again it wasn't bad as far as the physical feel on my cock but yet again, I also wasn't turned on with her either. I'm really not even sure how I ever maintained an erection with either one of them because of not being turned on by it. The first experience with pussy it took me about 2 hours before I was ready to cum, maybe even closer to 3 and the second time around, I'd say every bit of an hour at minimum. So anyway, I was ALWAYS drawn to the same sex.


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