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Saturday, December 11, 2010

How do you pee?

I've noticed recently that some guys just take their cock out to pee - whilst some lop out their cock and balls. For me, it has to be both - the waistband on my undies otherwise restricts my flow. How about you?

Does anyone see anything weird with getting your balls out to pee?


Anonymous said...

How did you notice that? :)

hothardcock said...

I peeked!

Anonymous said...

I always used to just use the fly until i was in the Army. The toilets were wide open and while you were sitting there you could watch the guys peeing. One really hot one always took everything, cock and balls, out of his shorts to pee and I adopted the habit. I do it that way to this very day. Also gives me an opportunity to get a little stroking in.


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