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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gym Meeting

After frequenting the same gym for more than two years, I had become acquainted with most of the regulars who worked out there. I was never one to use my workout time as a way of meeting women. I was serious about the time I spent there and wanted to work on my body as much as possible. I was proud of the work that I had done the past two years and my dedication was evident in the stares of others when they would catch a glimpse of me.

Last week while I was going through my routine I noticed a beautiful woman staring at me. I never like to workout with headphones on because my concentration inevitably goes to the music rather than my muscles, so I have to admit that I was immediately distracted by the glances of this beautiful lady. She was dripping with perspiration as she did her time on the treadmill. The black spandex that she wore was pulled tightly over what appeared to be a flawless body, and the sweat was beginning to show up as wet patches in places. I tried to concentrate on my lifting but could not ignore the tingling that I felt in my crotch. When I looked again though, she was gone.

After I showered and was dressed in my suit to go back to the office for the afternoon, I walked out of the locker room and bumped into this beauty. She was magnificent! Standing about 5' 5", with shoulder length blonde, straight, hair, I once again felt that tingle in my crotch. It didn't take us long to begin a conversation and soon we found ourselves at the juice bar getting to know one another better. She told me that her name was Christina and it wasn't long until we were deep in conversation. In the next two days, we saw each other at the gym and for dinner each evening. At the end of our second evening, when I walked her to her front door, I bent down and kissed her good night. I hesitantly let my tongue find its way into her mouth and she returned my passion with a gusto that shocked me. When I asked her if I could come in, she looked at me very seriously for a moment and then nodded her head. I had no way of knowing that my life would change that night the way it did, for I was not prepared for the passion, and ecstasy that I would experience.

She asked me if she could speak to me frankly for a moment as we sat down on the sofa. I was not expecting to hear what she would say so very innocently, I said, "sure". She explained to me that she was very attracted to me and that she had been since the first time she had noticed me at the gym some time before I noticed her. She also told me that she was in a relationship with a very good looking, kind, and gentle, man. At this point, I figured that I was getting the brush off in one of the nicest ways possible. Then the bomb dropped! She told me that she loved her boyfriend, Tim, and that one of her biggest fantasies was to have a three-way with another man. Was I interested?

I was speechless. I had never even considered doing anything like that but her sincerity was difficult to turn down. She told me that Tim would soon be home from work and I would have an opportunity to meet him. She also warned me that he did know I would probably be there but that he wasn't too keen on the idea either. One of the stipulations of the arrangement was that we had to pleasure each other too, not just spend time with her. She wanted to see us touching each other and watch as we brought our bodies to the ultimate of orgasms. My mind told me that I was nuts to even consider this but my body was definitely telling me other things. In the end, my body won out!

In just a few moments, the door opened and a very handsome, masculine, man, walked through the door. I extended my hand to him and was pleased when he took it firmly to shake it. At least he wasn't some limp wristed, effeminate male, but a strong, rugged looking man. I was so confused. Tim sat down and put his arm around Christine and we got to know each other a little better. Both Tim and I admitted that we had never had any experience with another man and had honestly never thought about it but that, as long as boundaries were set, we guessed there was no harm in experimentation. Christine was thrilled! She jumped up and said she was heading for the shower leaving us alone in the living room. In all honesty, there wasn't even an uncomfortable moment between Tim and I. As soon as Christine left, we started talking as if we were old friends. I relaxed then; convincing myself that this was really no big deal.

Without any warning, Tim stood up and took my hand. His hand was big and rough, and he had dark hair on the back of his knuckles. For some reason, as I looked at his hand I got really turned on by that. I had no idea what was going on inside of my body but this was feeling pretty good. Tim was about 6' 4" and dark complected, I am only 5' 10' and lighter skinned, but standing there within inches of him seemed heavenly. I inhaled his scent as he stood near me, an odor that was as intoxicating as an aphrodisiac. He bent down and let his lips lightly touch mine and pulled back, checking to make sure that what he had done was all right. I put my hands on the back of his head in the thick, dark, curls, and pulled him back toward me. I opened my mouth while it was still inches away from his and stuck my tongue out so he would know exactly what I wanted. He became more aggressive and gave me his tongue then. I feasted on his meaty tongue, sucking it, and playing inside his open mouth. His arms roamed around my body, massaging my shoulders and back and I played with his curly hair until we were both completely out of breath. I would have never thought that kissing another man would be so hot, but Tim was taking me places that I had never been to before.

As our bodies rubbed erotically together, I discovered that I wanted to see him aked. I could never remember, ever wanting to see another man naked before, but right now that was all I had on my mind. While our tongues played tag inside our mouths, I reached up and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. Slowly, I went down until I had loosened the one closest to his belt. I took my hands and spread the two sides of his shirt open to reveal a forest of dark, curly, chest hair. He pulled back slowly while I massaged his pectorals and pinched his nipples. He looked at me with those dark, sexy eyes and said two words, "suck them". I was on his nipples so fast, sucking and chewing on them until they were red and standing up away from his beautiful coat of fur. His nipples were large, about the size of half-dollars. They were much larger than some women's were I had been with, so I was enjoying my feast. I let my tongue leave a trail of wet hair as I slowly lowered myself to my knees in front of him. I reached up to unbuckle his belt and I saw a sweet look of atisfaction in his eyes. Even though I had never done this before, I knew that I could please him in a way no woman ever could. His body was hot to my touch as I unzipped his jeans and slid them over his perfect hips. His plain, white boxers were tented in the front by an unbelievably large tool, and the wet spot proved to me that I must have been doing something right.

For the first time, I was a little hesitant about this. I was experienced at oral sex, but at receiving it, not giving it. Could I really handle this huge cock? I put my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled them off. His penis was probably nine inches long, thick, and dripping precum all over. I looked up at him, knowing that I would disappoint him, and said, "I don't think I can take all of this". He smiled tenderly and said, "Everyone has a little trouble at first, but I
promise we will go slow. Just try a little at a time until you get used to it." With that bit of encouragement, I took my tongue and licked a big glob of precum from the head of his cock. This was so unusual, not really sweet, but not really salty either. I had experimented a little and had licked up some of my own cum, but it didn't taste as good as this did. I let my tongue lick the shaft from the base to the head, letting it get slick with my spit. Then, I opened my mouth and put the head in. How could anyone ever take more than that? My mouth was filled and I just had his head inside! He started a slow, fucking motion, moving just an inch in and out of my mouth. He was very patient with me and never complained when I would scratch him with my teeth. As I got better, I realized that he was pushing in more and more of that meat. At one point, I began to gag and I tried to pull away, but he grabbed the back of my head and said, "just relax". I don't know what it was about this stranger that I had only known for an hour, but I trusted him, so I listened to what he told me to do. All of a sudden, my nose was in his pubic hair and his monster cock was all the way down my throat! A couple of times he had to slow down to keep from cumming too soon, but I felt like I had accomplished something that night. I was sure that not just everyone could deep throat his piece of meat.

We heard Christine's voice say, "so, you couldn't wait, huh, boys?" She chuckled as she took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Tim followed us, completely naked. She untied the satin belt on her robe and let the belt and the robe fall to the floor. My estimation of her at the gym a couple of days before had definitely been correct, she was perfect. Not only was she perfect but her boyfriend was too. She walked provocatively toward me and said in a sultry, low growl, "let's get these clothes off of you". Tim just stood and watched as she slowly pulled my T-shirt over my head and licked my smooth, tight chest. She pulled me to her by grabbing my ass and giving it a tight squeeze. I saw Tim take his rock hard cock in his hand and begin to stroke on it nice and slow. She unbuckled my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles before she knelt to remove my boots and socks. I stood there in their bedroom in a pair of white, Calvin Klein boxer briefs, with an erection that I was sure was bigger and harder than anything I had experienced since my eighth grade health class. Tim came forward then and began to massage my cock through my underwear. Christine pushed me down on the bed on my back and straddled my face; she looked at me longingly and said, "hungry?"

I took my hands and spread the lips of her cunt apart, she was already dripping her nectar. My tongue went in between the folds of her pink flesh to taste the hot, wet, honey. I stuck my tongue as far up inside of her as I possibly could, beginning a "fucking" motion. She began to squirm around on my face and soon her juices were all over me. I let my hands roam all over her tight body until they found her tight breasts. I gently played with the flesh as I sucked on her, pinching her nipples playfully. While I played with Christine, I felt Tim taking out my cock. I was hard and dripping precum and I knew if he played with it too much I would shoot all over him but having another man's hands on my dick was just too good to tell him to stop. Soon though, he moved up behind Christine, straddling my chest. She bent forward over my face and I soon felt an intruder beside my tongue up inside her cunt. It was that long, thick fucktool of his! He was fucking her as I lay underneath them. I licked his cock, then I would try to squeeze my tongue up her cunt beside his dick-this was fabulous.

Tim looked over her shoulder at me and asked me to scoot a little bit higher on the bed. I complied, not really knowing what he had in mind. When my cock was positioned just below her cunt, he said, "ok, now stick it in beside of mine". Had I heard him correctly? This was un-fuckin'-believable. I slid my cock in front of his greasy tool and listened to the moans coming from Christine. She threw her head back in ecstasy as she was filled up more than she had ever been filled before. Tim and I started a slow rhythm so we wouldn't run the risk of falling out of Christine or of hurting her. As she opened up we moved faster and faster. My cock was touching Tim's inside of his girlfriend and our legs were touching on the bed, my smooth ones next to his hairy ones. Every nerve ending in my body was electrified. Christine began to yell, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh", and then the moment came, "Ooooohhh gggoooooodddddd!"

We were all out of breath and panting like dogs in heat. It had been no small miracle that Tim or I neither one had cum yet and I didn't know about him, but I figured it wouldn't take much for me. Christine fell off of us, leaving our dripping, red cocks standing together with her fuck juice all over them. Tim slowly looked at me and I knew immediately what he wanted. Would I give it to him? I knew that I could leave at this point and that would be fine, but there was something yet unfulfilled inside of me that drove me to stay. Without a word, I turned around on the bed and placed my ass up close to his hot red cock. Before he put it inside of me he bent down and said, "I hope you know that I won't hurt you". I looked at him over my should and said, "for some reason, I trust you."

He slowly pushed his middle finger up inside of my ass and the feeling wasn't all that bad, in fact, after a moment, it felt good. I was getting more and more confused all the time by my reactions to this stud of a man, but I would have to think about that later because his cock head had just penetrated my hole. God, the pain was horrible. Tim stopped completely and asked if I wanted him to stop. I considered my options but hell, now I had to go one. I had to find out what this would feel like. I told him to go on but to just go slow. Christine was fingering her clit as she watched us, smiling distantly. He inched his monster piece of meat inside of me until I could feel his pubic hair against my ass. His cock head was
rubbing something inside of me that sent shivers running up along my naked back. He bent down and asked, "you ok?" I replied by pulling my ass out a few inches and ramming it back to the hilt. He began to fuck me, harder and faster, and I felt absolutely filled to the brim. He was slicing me in half and I never felt better! I turned my head back toward him and hoarsely said, "fuck me!" Time was getting so close but he gave me all of the strength he could muster in his last few thrusts. His hairy balls had drawn up tight in his sack and I could feel the pounding against my cheeks. He looked up toward the ceiling as he gave one long, final thrust into me.
"OH FUCKIN' SHIT", he cried out! I could feel the spasms of his orgasm as he shot his semen deep within my ass.

He collapsed on top of me and we both fell to the bed. His body was covered in perspiration and his cock softened while still up inside of my ass. His masculine scent was good and I breathed in deeply as his breathing became normal again. Suddenly, his soft prick was squeezed out of my hole. I felt empty, abandoned. My ass was swollen and red and I knew that I would be sore but I couldn't help wanting even more of him. Christine was enjoying our little voyeuristic show and was getting hot all over again. She spread her legs and asked me to fuck her again. I was willing to oblige. My hard cock slid into her already opened cunt with a slick suction type of sound. I knew that I couldn't last long but I began to pump her hole hard and fast. After only a couple of thrusts into her sloppy pussy, I threw my head back and screamed, "OH GAWD!"

The smell of sex was in the air as the three of us rested from our adventure. I knew that this dramatic scene would never be recreated, at least with these three players, but I had certainly been educated to the joys of bi-sexual sex. Christine asked if it would be ok if she took another shower. I told her that I would be gone when she was finished. There was a bittersweet air in the room because we had helped each other, I had helped her realize her fantasy, and she and Tim had been both teachers
and lovers to me. I would always be grateful for that. I relaxed on the bed until I heard the shower running. I suppose that I wanted to make the moment last as long as I possible could and besides, I wanted to see Tim in all of his naked glory for as long as I could. I stared at his beautiful hairy body so that the image would be permanently engrained in my mind. As I got up to leave, he handed me a small slip of paper. On it were two words and seven numbers. "Call me" plus his mobile number. He smiled without saying a word and bent down to kiss me. I opened my mouth to him and tasted his tongue. Yeah, I would call. Definitely.


Raven in NYC (aka Mark) said...

Just incredible. Absolutely incredible. My first full bisexual experience was just as intense and incredible. Not as unexpected and unplanned as yours, but all the same.

So did you call him? ;-)
Hope this will be a continuing thread.

northern_bi said...

Amazing, completely amasing. So did you ever meet up again? if you did i'm looking forward to reading those blogs.

Anonymous said...

Great, great re-telling of this awesome hook-up.

You nearly made me cum in my pants here at work.

I look forward to exploring the rest of your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Wow,you had me so hard, dripping precum. Love your blog. hal


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