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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Thanks to Jason for e-mailing me this photo of himself


Dirty Debbie said...

My gawd! Very nice cock, but there's something that makes it even better. I ha fetish about a cock being from pants, it's so hot to me. You have perfect example of one of my fetishes on your site!

Yummy :-O

Bad Bad Girl said...

Yes- thank you Jason!! Feel free to email pics to me too. I am starting a Cockslut Column over at our new site The Milf Blog. This is yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

Jason, you display one exceedingly rare erotic beauty, offering that virile headed shaft soaring over its, sphered, nut-engorged semen sack. Organ mass, proportions, and coloration ravish the beholder's sensibilities. The setting exudes musky hunk jock. The totality is captured with superb photography. You deliver one of the most stunning male images I've ever seen. Oh for the rest of you!

Jason said...

thanks guys, very much appreciated. maybe I'll get around to taking some more soon.

Jason xxx


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