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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!
I had a fantastic new year. I'm not sure where to start. Kim and I spent most of new year's eve night and a lot of yesterday in bed - with Nikki and Simon! Nikki is an old school friend of Kim's and Simon is her boyfriend. I crossed the line with Simon though - we both fucked each other with the girls watching. It was the first time that Kim had seen me do this. She knows I'm bi and has watched me play with guys before but never seen me fuck. I kinda got caught up with whole thing of us being in bed together and we just got carried away. I wasn't sure how Kim would react but she joined in with Nikki and they both played with my cock whilst I was being fucked. It was hot!
It all started at Kim's parents' house. We'd all arranged to meet up there before going for a drink at the local pub. But Kim's parents were out when Kim and I got there. The house has a great indoor swimming pool and Kim decided she wanted a swim before we went out. We keep a set of swim gear across there for times like this but Kim decided she wanted to swim naked. Who was I to stop her? But just as I'd stripped the doorbell rang so I grabbed my speedos, put them on and went to answer the door. Nikki and Simon could hardly believe their eyes when they saw me but that was nothing compared to seeing Kim swimming naked. Nikki didn't need asking twice before joining Kim but Simon was a bit reluctant - until I took my speedos off and offered him them. I think the sight of my nearly erect cock did it and he quickly stripped and jumped in naked. The four of us then swam and fooled around for a while before Kim suggested we miss out the pub and go straight to ours. So we got dried off and dressed then walked round to our place where we all ended in bed.
I'll write more later if anyone's interested?


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David said...

Absolutely! Finish the story!

Edinburgh Erotica said...

I'd love to read more please.




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