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Sunday, March 16, 2008

My cousin Emma

Over the years I've been amazed at the number of women who want to watch me masturbate.... well, I guess it's really that they want to watch a guy -any guy - masturbate and I just happen to be the lucky one.

It usually starts sometime after we've gone to bed and I ask Kim what she likes.... and then I ask her what she does when she's masturbating that she'd like me to do to and for her.... and then later, usually much later, perhaps days or weeks, she asks me the same questions and then, usually after some hesitance and false starts, she asks me if she can watch.

"Watch what?" I say.

"You masturbate".

"You mean....?"

"Yes. Would you?"

And so I do. Who am I to refuse a lady?

Masturbating for and in front of women started for me when I was about 16. My cousin, Emma, had come to stay with us for three months at the end of her last year at school. In those days I masturbated with amazing frequency - I was, after all 16 - any day or time I felt like it but especially on Saturday afternoon. I had the house to myself then: Mum and Dad were always out, usually shopping so, prior to Emma’s arrival, I had the house to myself. After Emma's arrival I continued to masturbate on Saturday's because usually Emma was out, exploring the city or shopping.

On this particular Saturday I'd been lying on the bed, stroking myself and really enjoying my dick, really getting into it, moaning and groaning when I heard "Jamie. Jamie, are you all righ...?" It was Emma, home earlier thanexpected. She'd opened the door and walked right into my bedroom. "I guess you are all right. I heard you moaning and I thought you'd hurt yourself. But I guess not." She smiled.

I had opened my eyes as she was talking and she was looking at my hand which was somehow frozen in mid stroke.


"Don't stop on my account. I've never seen a guy .... ah.... play with himself. All my boyfriends want me to do it for them."

I was a bit embarrassed by this, but, following her eyes I saw what she was seeing: my right hand wrapped around my dick with the glans showing above my hand and my left hand holding my balls. She walked over to the bed and slapped the inside of my thigh. "Open your legs so I can sit" she said. "Take your hands away. Let me look at you. I haven't seen a naked guy before. I've felt a few, but you don't see much in a car at night!" There wasn't much point in protesting so I did as she said and took my hands away.

"Oh my God. Will you look at you!" she said. "Let me get a gooooddddd looook. Oh my, you are a big boy, aren't you? You look so goooood. How do you feel?"

Her hand moved forward and she ran her fingers along my dick. "Verrrry gooood" she purred. "Why don't you continue what you were doing and I'll do this" and she started stroking my balls.

I looked at her for a second or two while I tried to work out if she was serious then I realised she was because she was stroking my balls. My hand went back to my dick and started stroking. As I closed my eyes in pleasure I noticed that her eyes were still on my dick - in all the time she had been in my room she hadn't once taken her eyes off it.

And then I felt a very light touch on the head of my dick and I saw her rubbing the glans. I moved my hand lower so there was room at the top and after a second or two her hand slipped lower. I took my hand away as she took, oh so slowly, control of my pleasure.

"Stroke your balls for me" she whispered. "Oh you look so good. And you feel so good. Does that feel good? Do you like what I'm doing?"

"God, yes" I whimpered.

She continued to stroke me for some time then she whispered "I want you to do it now."

"Can I?"

"Oh yes, but you have to do what I tell you." As we changed hands she said "I want you to stroke it very slowly, even more slowly than I was doing."

"I want to come".

"Not yet. I want to see how much juice you've got to give me. And the more you play with yourself the more you'll have to give me." And for a little while I stroked myself under her instruction. Then she started stroking my glans and my balls. The pleasure, with hands on my glans, my dick and my balls was exquisite.

Over what seemed like the next few hours, but in truth was probably no more than 30 or so minutes, we took it in turns with my dick and my balls, first my hand, then hers, then mine, then hers, and all the time she was controlling what I was doing, telling me what to do.

At some stage she said "Your dick's leaking. Are you coming?"

"No, not yet. It's leaking because my balls are full".

"Oh you poor boy. Do you want to empty them?"

"Oh, God, yes please".

"In that case I want you to stroke it as fast as you possibly can - can you do that for me?" I'd taken no more than three strokes when she said "That's not fast enough" and slapped my hand away. "If you can't do it faster than that, then I'll have to show you the right way" and she started again, slowly, oh so slowly.

Then a little later she said "I want you to pull it fast for me. I want to see how fast you can go.... Faster, can't you go faster?..... Stop. Stop. If you can't go faster than that you'll have to do it slowly.... I said slooowwwwllllyyyy.... Mmmm that's better.... isn't it better?"

Later she said "I think you've played with yourself enough. Your dick's still leaking. We'd better stop...."


"Well, if you haven't come by now, you're probably not going to. I think I'll get a drink of water. Want one?" And she got up to go to the kitchen and then said "I think I'd better tie your hands to the bed head. You like that dick of yours so much you'd start playing with yourself as soon as I was out of the room, wouldn't you?" And then she was gone for ten or so minutes and she came back and untied me and she started all over again.

Later , after she tied my hands again she said "I've been thinking. Maybe I was a bit harsh. I'm getting some more water so if you want to, you can play with yourself while I'm gone. But don't come. I want to watch you when you come. I've never seen a guy come. Like I said.... you don't see much in a car at night." When she came back she said "Not playing? Oh, you're still tied up. Of course you're not playing. You couldn't. Silly me."

Then finally it was time. "Come for me" she said and I knew this time she'd let me. "Come for me, spurt for me, see if you can hit the ceiling for me" and I tried but I didn't hit it. But I did come close.

Later, while I was recovering, with Emma massaging my semen into my body she said "You were magnificent. So much, so much. I didn't think you'd ever stop. It was like.... I don't know.... like I'd turned on a garden hose. And I loved watching you fuck my hand."


"You were fucking my hand. Didn't you know?"

"What do you mean?"

"As you were coming I kept my hand still and you were moving your body up and down to fuck my hand".


"Oh, yes. It looked so good. I think next week we should start earlier, don't you, so you can give me more juice than you did today".

"Next week?" I asked weakly.

"Of course. Don't you want to?" She was now gently stroking me again. "That was lovely. You've got a beautiful dick. So big and fat and haaaarrrrrdddd. What do you think? Saturday again?"

Feebly I said "Yes".

"Good. I think I should come in each night and tie your hands to the bed head. Maybe then on Saturday we'll get you to come twice or three times or more. I don't want you to play with yourself until Saturday because I want these little fellows as full as they can possibly be." And she flicked my balls with her fingers.

"My, that's an interesting reaction" she said as I jumped. "Maybe we'll give these a good little workout too on Saturday. What do you think about that, little, sorry biiiig cousin?" she asked as she not so gently squeezed my balls.

"Good idea." I squeaked. I was too exhausted to argue.

And so it came to pass and each following Saturday, regular as clockwork, Emma and I would take turns with my dick - and balls. Frequently she'd tie a ribbon around my balls then massage them until I thought they would burst. Sometimes she'd close her thumb and middle finger around the top of my scrotum then, as I stroked myself, she'd pull my balls away from my body. She'd time her strokes with mine so that, as I stroked down, she pulled away. The sensation was wonderful although painful. Other times she wouldn't let me touch myself at all and my balls were all she played with until she had decided I could come. Then, when she stroked me, it was once again slow, but continuous. Somewhere in among it all she said "Shave your pubes off for me. I want to see all of you". So I did and the change in sensations was - sensational.

During all these Saturday's never once did she even suggest I play with her or see her naked. She did tell me that after she left me she went to her room and did herself, but didn't want me any where near her when she did because she was worried that we'd end up in bed. She didn't want to risk getting pregnant. She did, however, on many occasions, wear one of her very revealing bikini's "To help you get in the mood" she'd whisper. Let me just say she was - is - a big girl and the bikini bra didn't cover much. And the second Saturday I did come more than once.

Our Saturday afternoon games continued, with me always coming more than once, every Saturday until Emma had to return home.

On the Thursday before our second last Saturday together she said "I've invited Beth to give us a hand on Saturday. Give us a hand. Get it? She says she's fancied you for a long time, wondered what you'd look like naked. She's never seen a guy masturbate so you will put on a good show for her, won't you?" Beth lived a few doors away and I’d always fancied her.

I did, and, as Emma predicted, she did give us a hand.

The last Saturday we were together Emma told me Beth had agreed to come over each Saturday to "look after our toys - which will become Beth's toys".

That last Saturday with Emma was exquisite, this time with Emma doing everything. She said it was her reward to me for letting her watch me masturbate the first time all those weeks ago. I didn't recall "letting" her watch. My recollection was that I didn't have much choice. Nevertheless this last time with Emma took me forever to come. She started by tying my hands and ankles to the bed then spent a lot of time teasing me, just lightly stroking my body all over, pinching my nipples, going very near to but never quite touching my genitals. I'd whimper "Please, please stroke me" and she'd say "Soon, soon" and she'd continue caressing me, never quite reaching what I wanted her to reach. And then she did, just one quick stroke of my balls and then it was back to stroking my body, pinching my nipples. Then gradually she did spend more time on my genitals and then, finally, it was time and finally, finally.....

The Saturday after Emma left Beth came over and she continued the weekly masturbation sessions that Emma had instigated. These continued until Beth got a boyfriend, and even then she still visited me, but, regrettably, only infrequently. "Doing anything Saturday?" she'd ask and, interestingly, I never was.
Nowawadays Emma and I have each in relationships but we still occasionally get together, sometimes Emma brings a friend. I still enjoy having several hands playing with me. Especially I enjoy being told what to do. My favourite sensation is for someone to lightly stroke my glans and my balls at the same time. It's not long until I'm leaking like a tap. They continue until I can't take it any more.... then continue. Gradually she will stroke my dick - one or two strokes only - then, unfortunately, or maybe not, it's back to my glans and balls. Finally, finally, finally it's time, and, sometimes, I'm allowed to finish me off while my partner continues to stroke my balls.

"Heaven" she says as I come. And I agree. But I can't help wondering if we're talking about the same thing!


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That was very hot and nicely written. Its amazing you still get together occasionaly, how cool....man that made me horny!


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