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Monday, January 12, 2009

ُErect At The Gym

Is it wrong to get erect while showering in a communal shower?


Anonymous said...

Not at all...

However, how many of your stories here are fantasies and how many real?

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Spermguy said...

Well, most people would start laughing about you, pointing to you, that's for sure... but that doesn't mean it is wrong! It usually happens to those of us who feel that nudity is a turn on, and when you go naked your brain starts to get all horny because you enjoy being naked as much as you enjoy to see naked people, thus you get an awesome erection!

Anonymous said...

guess it depends on the location... my gym is kind of flirty - not too gay but not very straight either. it's one of the few left in london with communal showers i reckon. i nearly always get at least a semi in there (cos there are so many fit, buff boys ;-D) and have had a raging boner quite a few times. some guys roll their eyes and tut, some guys smile and wink... one guy pulled me into the sauna cabin to help me 'deal with the situation'! ;-D


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