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Sunday, January 11, 2009

My first time with Carl

When I was 17 Carl and I went to Manchester for a university Open day as we
started our second year of A-levels and would ultimately have to choose
where we were going to study our degrees. I should start of by describing Carl, my best friend at the time. He was super hot at least because of the attention he commanded from the girls (and boys) of our sixth form, including me! I had had a crush on this adonis for 3 years when we
returned from summer break and I walked into a maths lesson and saw him
sitting there looking completely... WOW! That summer puberty must have kicked in for him because he had grown in height, his puppy fat had slipped
off leaving a beautiful slim body and he had grown his beautiful dirty
blond hair and it was now a big mess of curls. He looked amazing; I practically sprang a hard-on after seeing him and when I went home after
school that day I wanked off with his picture in my mind for hours till I
ran out of cum! That year also marked the start of our two years of O levels and we became closer during this time because we started to share a lot of classes.

We both ended up on the swim team and in the changing room I sneaked glances at his cute slim body that oh-so-lightly tanned with his perfect little nipples and his tight strong stomach that had a beautiful treasure trail of golden blonde hair that led down to a big bush of pubes surronding his 6 1/2 inch (hard) long cock. I remember we were getting changed and he pulled his trousers down and his penis had slipped out of the front of boxer shorts because it was erect. I think I almost came straight away as I saw that and when he slipped it inside giving me a smile. One of the biggest turn ons about his body was the way the bones poked out from under his tight, smooth skin: his collar bone and hip bones were all visable and he barely had a inch of fat on him but neither was he overly musclely. He was perfect and I probably enjoyed over a hundred orgasms moaning his name!

However in none of this time had either of us done anything with each
other, other than the glances when we were getting changed. This would all change when we spent a couple of days in Manchester.

After spending a couple of hours at the university we went round the city
looking at the sights and sounds of Manchester. We went all round the city
including shopping at the massive shopping centres. I had always thought that maybe he was gay or would at least be interested in a little experimentation with someone (hopefully me), but during the conversation whilst we had a burger we sat talking about school and he mentioned this girl in the year below us who he was going on about how fit she was and all that jazz. I liked girls as well as boys but I didn't think she was anything special. But those words to me hit me a fist in the stomach and I thought my sexual fantasies involving Carl would stay just that: as fantasies.

We were staying overnight with Carl’s relatives in Manchester. When we got to their house it was getting quite late and his relatives had already ordered pizza so it was delivered pretty soon after we arrived. We ate quickly having had little else all day and drank a couple of bottles of beer while we chatted about the usual with his relatives, you know the future, university etc. After a while the subject of sleeping arrangements for the night came up. We were told they had a large single bed in the guest bedroom that wasn't as wide as a double but would be big enough for two. I, of course, had no objections about being in such close proximity to my crush but I thought Carl would have put up a bit of an argument towards the idea but he just smiled and said 'cool'. My mind reconsidered everything about him and suddenly thought 'now was my chance' but then I withdrew to the fact he just did not want to seem rude to these people who were putting us up overnight and it was not because he secretly wanted to get close to me.

I went into the bathroom first and prepared for bed and when I had unlocked
the door Carl had got changed in the bedroom. I say get changed all we did
was strip down to wear our boxer shorts to bed as it was a warm September
evening and neither of us were shy about our bodies: we were in good
shape. We both brushed our teeth together at the same time and then got in
to bed. I went under the covers first and laid next to the wall and Carl
got in next to me. As soon as I felt his cute bubble butt press against my
crotch as he got comfortable, I got a raging hard-on and started to get
worried in case he felt it so I turned over to lay on my other side facing
the wall. I did not stay awake for long but I did wake up again part the
way through the night to crane my neck to see Carl asleep but spooning up
to me with his arm wrapped around my waist and his hand placed at the top
of my boxer shorts. I decided this was because of the number of times he
had been with girls and it was just habit of cuddling up to the person next
to him in bed. Nonetheless I thought he had put himself in this situation
so I thought I would make the most of it and I slid his hand down the front
of my boxer shorts and placed his hand on my rock-hard 6 inch penis. I was
feeling incredibly horny and his hand now touching me was making me leak
precum in copious amounts. I snuggled into the spooning and pressed my arse
further back and I realised I wasn't the only one who had an erection. I
now could not get back to sleep so I decided to lay there and enjoy this
moment of him touching me so intimately. I closed my eyes and just smiled
from his touch.

"Jamie, are you awake?" Carl whispered in my ear. He must have just woken
up. He made no effort to move his hand away from my cock but instead
wrapped it around a slowly started wanking me. I could not help but moan
and I started to grind my arse against his throbbing penis. "I'm horny and
I can feel you are." Carl said as he kissed my neck. I responded merely
through a 'uh-huh'.

He turned me on to my back and slid my boxer shorts down my legs. As he
rolled over in the bed and laid on top of me I realised he was now naked as
well. We were kissing intensely as though we could not get enough of each
other: pulling the kiss tighter and tighter. Our hands were exploring all
over one another's bodies. I remember grabbing his amazing tight arse
cheeks and pulling him into me so our hard cocks were grinding together. I
knew that if this went on any longer I would cum. Carl must have realised
as my breathing got more ragged and he sat up from me and reached over to
his bag. He pulled out a tube of KY jelly and leant back to my face and
started kissing me again. Between him kissing me, including kissing my
nipples and then flicking them which was making me so horny I could have
just shot all over his amazingly lightly tanned lithe body, he asked me if
he could fuck me. I was so horny I could not say no. In just a few minutes
my dreams had come true and now I was about to have his cock in me. If I
were female I would have been dripping wet waiting in anticipation. After
lubing himself up he squeezed some more on to his fingers and then starting
with one finger he started to finger me. I was breathing so quickly and
deeply I nearly hyperventilated. He didn't waste much more time with
foreplay and after lifting my legs up, he lined up his penis with my arse
hole. As he pushed in it hurt for a couple of moments but after I relaxed
under his caressing touch, he slipped inside and I felt his short curly
blonde pubes press against me. I could not help but moan, his penis inside
me felt amazing. It was like having someone touching all the right places
all at once. Carl leant forwards and told me to be quiet so as to not wake
anyone else up and then tenderly kissed me before starting a slow and
loving fuck. I now knew why all the girls talked about him being good in
bed. He knew exactly what he was doing and I couldn't get enough. I started
pushing my arse to meet his thrusts and we were really going for it while
trying to be quiet. Unlike anyone else I have slept with including people
since then he seemed to not just concentrate on fucking me but had time to
touch my body, kiss me and play with me soaking wet penis. Inside I could
feel the head of his penis slide out from the foreskin and touch my
prostate. There is no feeling like it and I could do nothing to stop the
eruption from my penis. Carl looked surprised as we were kissing and my
penis started spurting and shot all over his chest and my stomach. At the
same time, Carl's breath was getting more laboured and the thrusting more
irregular as he reached climax as well. The picture of him fucking me with
his head thrown back in joy as my cum was dripping down his tight and
tanned chest will stay with me forever and can never fail to provide me
with material for a wank.

Then I felt it.

He practically exploded inside me and he was pushing his hips forward
trying to put as much of himself inside as he possibly could. As the cum
stopped and he started to go soft so he pulled out and kissed me again.

"That was amazing. You're so tight and a good fuck. Maybe we could do this
again?" Carl asked as he laid down next to me and was rubbing my
nipples. I was shocked. I thought Carl was as straight as a pole but here
we were enjoying post-sexual bliss and covered (and filled) with cum.

"I thought you were straight?" I replied.

"Well I am. I'd never have a relationship with a boy but a few months ago
my gay cousin asked me to fuck him and after a lot of persuasion I did. I
thought sex with girls was good but feeling a tight arsehole round your
cock is better than any pussy. So I'm not properly bisexual but I'll do
anything when I'm horny." Carl winked as he said that last sentence. I

"I'm going to the bathroom. I think we'd better clean up before we make a
mess on the sheets or your relatives will know what has happened." I said
with a smile.

"Come on. I'll help clean you up." Carl answered with a sly smile and we
both crept to the bathroom.

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