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Friday, January 16, 2009

Sweatbox Soho

Earlier this week I spent an evening at Sweatbox Soho. According to their website
Sweatbox Sauna offers the chance for boys and men to get hot and steamy in London’s cleanest, most imaginative gay sauna complex - two subterranean levels offer low-lit and sexy hot rooms, steam rooms and a maze of inventively designed private cabins and play-spaces!
The entrance fee was £15.00. Towels were included which were rather like chamois leathers. While cute for wearing, they were not so good for drying up after a shower.

Overall I was impressed by the facilities on offer. The place is modern and clean and has all the facilities you’d expect from a sauna such as two steam rooms (one with a Bucket Shower), a jacuzzi (which was not working - though this was made clear when I arrived), 2 Turkish style Hot Rooms, 2 Cinema Rooms with 42” PLasma TVs, a Chillout Room and rest rooms.

What was disappointing was the lack of guys using the place. I reckon there were no more than 10 guys there all evening. Very disappointing. But I made the most of it and ended fucking this cute guy with a lovely cock so the evening wasn't a total loss. But I think I may be visiting Pleasuredrome or Chariots next time.


Anonymous said...

Pleasuredrome is fantastic!

But next time, try Vault 139 - it's a club, not a sauna - but steamier than any sauna, especially on their naked nights.

Anonymous said...

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