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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fundoshi Query

I received the email below the other day. Can anyone help out?


After visiting your site, I do have a hardcock and very hot.

I am very interested in the site of Fundoshi- lover and naked Japanese males, provided by your friend Ashley.

The Fundoshi site has some great links, and in perfect English describes the fundoshi and the drawing on how to wear it, is perfect. However there are fundoshi videos for sale, on Japanese naked festivals and also how to buy fundoshi, unfortunately all in Japanese, that I would like to buy, HOW???

I am sure there must be a contact E-mail, but not reading Japanese it is impossible to make it out.

Did you know that when your wear a fundoshi your penis is pointing upwards. How hot can you get !!!!!

This is a shot in the pan, but you might be able to provide me with any sort of contact with Fundoshi-lover.

Thanks a bunch and waiting for any news.

Regards, TMB


Anonymous said...

I found one on ebay

Anonymous said...



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