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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Masturbation: Rough or Gentle?

Do you masturbate gently or with a lot of pressure? Which method brings you to climax/orgasm faster?


Anonymous said...

It depends upon the situation. I tend to jerk rapidly at first and then as I near climax, I slow down so that I can savor the moment when my spunk is released. Sometimes, I can take my hand away and cum "hands free". I can also cum "hands free" when I have a hard cock in my ass.

Anonymous said...

for me, the rougher the better!

Anonymous said...

I start gently, using my fingers to hold the fren and pulling back the skin on my shaft (I'm cut), as I get closer I do it harder and faster. I usually slow down to savour orgasm and pump my cock slowly until all the spunk is squeezed out. Recently I have been applying pressure to my lower abdomen, above my cock, before orgasm which for me really intensifies the sensations.

glen_mc said...

Start gently and pick up the pace.

I really like to run my fingers thru my pubes and pull my balls.

I have a BIG head on my cock and like to work it to climax!


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