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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some fun whilst I was away working

I was away with work the other week and found myself with a free day. The weather was warm so i decided to hit the local beach. I sat in the sun for a while, then went to the men’s room to shower the sand off me. It was a large men’s room with a locker area, toilets and urinals, and an open shower area, separated from the rest of the area by a cement wall. I went to the lockers, and took off my speedos, grabbed my towel, and went to the showers. No one was there.

I turned on the shower and started soaping myself up. I heard someone come into the building, and didn't think much of it. A couple of minutes later, a twink came into the shower room. He had long curly hair, narrow hips, a smooth chest, and a long dangling cock surrounded by a thick long bush. He stood at the shower next to mine, and said HI, with a broad smile. As I looked him over, I returned the greeting. He commented that the beach was pretty deserted today, and I agreed, saying it looks like we have the place to ourselves. He said that was fine with him, and looked around for soap. When he didn't find any, he asked if he could use my soap. I had just finished soaping my crotch, and handed it to him. Without rinsing it off, he started soaping his cock and balls. I watched as he soaped himself and I started to get hard. He kept soaping himself and said there's nothing that feels as good as soaping your cock, unless you got another person. I said yeah, unless you got someone else to soap you up.

He smiled and said he loves when someone soaps him up. I gulped, and he reached over and started soaping my cock and balls. He said he hoped I didn't mind. He just wanted me to feel good. I stood there moaning as he soaped my balls and slid a soapy finger in my ass. I reached between his legs and started soaping his balls and then his thick 7.5 inch cock. He moaned and told me how good it felt, and asked if he could soap my asshole. I said ok and leaned against the shower wall. He started sliding his soapy fingers in and out of my hole. I was getting lost in the feeling of it, when he pulled his fingers out of my hole and I felt him part my cheeks and I felt his soapy cock against my hole. He pulled back and I felt him put a condom on. He then held my hips and slowly slid his cock inside me. He moaned as his cock went inside me deeper and deeper. He held my shoulders as he thrust his cock in and out of me. I was so excited, I started to cum without touching myself. He thrust harder and faster, and soon I felt him throbbing and exploding in my ass.

He pulled out of me and thanked me. We stepped out of the shower and dried ourselves off in the locker room. He said he wished he could find guys like me in here more often. I asked how many times he's done this, and he said he fucked three other guys here, and that he loved fucking guys like me. I said its kind of dangerous doing it here since its so public, and he agreed but didn't know where else he could do it. I told him I loved getting fucked by him and he could come over my hotel room and fuck me as much as he wanted. He said he could cum at least three more times, so off we went to my hotel.

As we walked there, I asked him how he got started fucking guys. He said about four months ago he was at the beach early in the morning, and after his swim, he went to take a shower. As he was doing a soapy jerk off, a guy came in and watched him stroke, and the guy asked him to fuck him. He had never fucked anyone before so he slid his cock in the guy and fucked him until he cummed in his ass. He has kept coming back to the beach when it was almost empty hoping to find horny guys who wanted to get fucked.

When we got to my room, we got undressed and he started feeling me all over. He said he loved my smooth body and started sucking my nipples. I got on my knees and held his narrow hips as I took his hardening cock in my mouth and started to move up and down his thick cock. I gently tugged his balls as I sucked him and he ran his fingers through my hair. I got on my back and pulled my spread legs on my chest. He got between my legs and slid his thick cock in my ass. Since we didn't have to worry about someone coming in, he fucked me with long slow strokes. We moaned together as he slid himself in and out of me. He said how much he loved fucking me, and thrust harder and faster inside me. I felt pressure building and knew I was going to shoot. He reached down and started stroking my cock. I told him I was going to cum and he jerked me harder and faster. I started moaning and grunting, and I shot several ropes of cum between us. He scooped some with his finger and tasted it. A few moments later, his cock erupted and he filled my ass with his hot cum.

As we lay there, I got between his legs and spread them wide. I licked his smooth low hanging balls, and the hairy area between his balls and ass. I started licking his hole and he writhed in pleasure. He was stroking his cock as I rimmed him, using his precum as a lube. He was about to shoot his load and I took his throbbing cock in my mouth and let him pump every drop of cum in my mouth and down my throat. He then said he needed to get going, and got dressed quickly. I knew I'd never see him again, and was just glad we had the day.

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