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Saturday, April 03, 2010

How long does sex last for you?

The other day I just got finished having sex with Kim and a question came across my mind... How long does the average guy last for sex? She gave me head for about 10 minutes and then we fucked for about 15 all together it was about 25 minutes. So what is this the average time for most guys? I've put a new poll up on the blog (I know there hasn't been one for a while - sorry).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When I was younger, unless I masturbated first about half hour before sex, then I would only last about as long as you indicated since I am uncut and my penis head was always and is currently very sensitive. I kept practicing and masturbating long time periods to keep from ejaculating until I could have sex for an hour or longer with hot activity without cumming. Later on, I had two different partiners in my 50s in which I could alternate having oral and penetration sex all night and next day and next night and next day, starting on Friday afternoon and ending on Monday morning, without cumming and keeping a hard-on as needed. We would break for sex only to use restroom, eat snacks, and shower, and occasionally a cat nap. My two different female partners would cum dozens of times during the weekend. This type of stamina was developed after long practice of masturbation and going up to point of cum and withholding it and I would practice nightly even after having one or more sex sessions with lady, and I would see how many strokes I could give my penis before cumming. I could consistenly get well over 2000 strokes and then if I decided to cum it would be a gusher. Likewise, only when my partner wanted me to cum after withholding for long periods, my penis would gush large amounts of cum with a lot of pressure and each lady really enjoyed that gushing of cum. One of the ladies liked at the end of such a weekend of sex for me to get to the point of cumming and then she would take my penis and deepthroat it so I could cum a gusher down ther throat.


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