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Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Sex Chocolate and Red Lipstick

Check out Amy's blog More Sex Chocolate and Red Lipstick. I've been reading it for a weeks or so now. She's English (there aren't many of us left sexblogging these days)and she says this about herself:

I’m a student with high aspirations. I write because I love it. I blog because I love you. I like intellectuals and bohemians. I like stilettos and swing music. I can’t stand bad grammar, so correct me if I’m wrong. My friends come to me for advice about sex and toblerone cheesecake. I’ll always go the extra mile. I have a weakness for the beautiful and the vulnerable. I’m addicted to my Blackberry. I have more wishes than a genie could grant. My name’s Amy. Nice to meet you

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