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Monday, April 12, 2010

M33 - Sensual Massage

You might have noticed, the more observant of you that is, that I've added a new banner at the top of the blog. It'll take you to M33. Created in 2005 by Col Richards, M33 is now established as one of the most Professional Sensual Massage services for men given by men in the United Kingdom, based in Central London. Services include 2 or 4 hands massage, therapeutic, sports or a combination massage. Also Col runs 1 or 2 days sensual massage workshops and offers on line sensual massage video tutorials. His team consists of 4 male masseurs and 1 female masseur, profiles available on the web site.

There's a members only part of the website which has probably the best selection of well made, creative, intimate yet informative videos of sensual massage being given in all its forms and combinations, genders and sexualities that I have come across. I recommend you check it out. Here are a couple of examples:

Next week another 12 videos will be uploaded.


Sensual Erotic Massage said...

You can make A Sensual Massage fun and interesting by offering the massage in topless or nude for an additional fee, but that's at the Massage Therapist discretion of course. A Sensual Massage can be pleasurable, relaxing, safe and rewarding.

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