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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Guys, do you eat your cum?

I've added a new poll as I'm curious to know if this is something many guys do. I've done it a few times, but didn't like it too much. But despite the taste, I want to do it again and again, but fail like 99% of the time. I guess I just need to force myself into it.


Ashigaru_Spearman said...

I cant eat my own cum for some reason, but i totally get off eating another guys. its pretty rare, but its a total turn on.

Anonymous said...

i love cum, but my own never satisfies. my precum however, i can't get enough! i had never tasted it until after i had this one bf who would always go mmmmmm each time i'd flex my cock while it was in his mouth. when i asked why he did that, he said that when i flexed my hard cock, he could taste a rush of precum. so next time i was alone i tasted it...wow mmmmmm

Anonymous said...

I have tasted my cum on a few occasions. When I am really hard and jacking, just as I start to cum, sometimes I get the urge to eat it. If I dip my finger in the first few shots and I am still cumming, when I lick it I get really turned on and like the taste. But if I am done cumming and I lick it, it does nothing for me. The moment has passed.

I guess this is pretty common with a lot of straight guys. Just something you don't talk about so you tend to think you are the only one. One of the great things about the internet. I just told hundreds of strangers something I have never told anyone in my life!

With me, I really like everything about my cock. So when I am hard and horny and jacking, sometimes I want the cum that my cock shoots out.

Anonymous said...

I am exactly the same, really want to try my own cum and love watching guys taste their own but for some reason, just can't taste my own... no idea why, the idea is there and is clear but when I get to the point (as it were) I lose interest.....

CandyBoy said...

Mine ? Not really...i've tasted it before, but the thing here is when you come your desire/lust level falls down, so you hardly wanna taste it.
But other guys i can easy eat their cums as long as they come before me.
Wanna give it a try ?


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