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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our holiday adventures - part 2

The final part of our holiday adventures:

We had an early meal and met Ryan and Zoe shortly before 9.00 at the bar. Zoe looked really sexy in a short white dress with her white flimsy bra and pants clearly showing through and the white contrasting against her warm golden tan. The thought that I might be fucking her in an hour or so got me really horny. The conversation was light initially but slowly came round to the episode on the beach. Ryan said that the scenario they had witnessed was exactly the same as had happened to them on Day 2 of their stay. Ryan had done nothing at all but just watch Leon fuck Zoe on Day 2 and Day 4 of their stay. He told me he had found it highly erotic. They went on to say that they had just started swinging about 3 months previously and the beach they were on had been mentioned to them by a couple they had swopped with recently. That is why they had booked the late holiday here.

I had to confess to Ryan that watching had almost been as much enjoyment as doing. He agreed. I quickly cleared up any confusion about my sexuality and the fact that he had caught me with my mouth wrapped round a black cock.

"Hey," he said, "When you swing, you have to take what comes at you. If you had said six months ago that I would ever have been turned on by another man's cock I would have punched you in the nose. Now I have done a few things with guys that I can't believe but sometimes it just seems right in the circumstances and, of course a lot of the guys we meet are bisexual so almost expect a bit of cock too."

I was amazed at his honesty but it helped me understand my actions of the morning. I told Ryan about Leon's invitation for tonight. He told Zoe and we jointly agreed to grab some wine and beers and head to our villa for around 10.00 and start something regardless. I couldn't wait to get my hands on Zoe and was aware that my cock had been hard throughout the entire conversation.

Back at the villa, it took a few visits to the toilet to "freshen up" and some small talk and a couple of drinks before Ryan went over and lifted Zoe's dress up, pulling her briefs down. I caught a glimpse of hair before her skirt dropped back down again but the "V" of brown hair was very noticeable. He unclipped her bra so she was standing in an almost transparent dress.

Kim was in white dress shorts with a rather smart coloured t-shirt which showed her best assets, her tits. What she did next amazed me. She walked over to Ryan, put her hands straight on the front of his cotton trousers, unzipped him and pushed her hand inside. He turned and kissed her. I wasted no time and headed for Zoe. I kissed her warmly while my hand explored her legs and upward to finger the folds on her cunt. She was wet. I popped her shoulder straps off and her dress top flopped to her waist exposing her tits. They were smaller but much firmer that Kim's and my lips soon found her nipples. They were rock hard and I alternated back and forth from left to right. I glanced across to Kim and was excited to see her fully naked in front of a still dressed Ryan, whose erect 6 inches or so were sticking out of his trousers. She dropped and took his cock in her mouth. He loved it.

I took the cue and quickly stripped naked, while Zoe did likewise. I laid her on the large queen size bed and opened her legs to lap her cunt with my tongue. She was breathing in short gasps. Ryan decided to do the same to Kim and I looked across at him as she lay naked with her legs wide open and Ryan lapping between them, his short and thick, hard cock swaying straight out from his body. We almost copied each other as I climbed up Zoe to stick my cock in her mouth while pushing my knees on both of her shoulders and we were both kneeling there each on top of a women, side my side with our cocks being sucked,

"I'm going to love watching you fuck her Ryan," I said. "Please don't cum too soon though just in case Leon does decide to pay us a visit."

The condom stretched over my cock and at last, I was entering a strange cunt. She was slightly wider than Kim and very soft and velvety. My cock entered without any resistance and I was soon in her up to my balls. Ryan had Kim doggy fashion and was entering her from behind as he softly fucked her. "Nice tight pussy here Mate," he said. The women loved the fucking and more than once I had to stop and wait till my impending orgasm subsided. I felt like I was watching a film. Both of us just fucked relentlessly for around 25 minutes, turning the girls over her and there for a better position. I heard Kim cum and she grabbed Ryan's buttocks as she climbed to her usual, normal, noisy peak. Ryan actually succeeded in bringing her off twice and also told us twice that he was almost ready to shoot, but held back. Zoe managed one orgasm while I fucked her from behind, my cock twisting around inside her as I tried to grip her wider than normal cunt. I had a distinct feeling that Kim was enjoying Ryan's slightly thicker cock than Zoe was mine.

After about 30 minutes, we stopped and poured ourselves drinks. My erection did not subside and I noted neither did Ryan's. The women absent-mindedly sat on opposite chairs fingering their recently fucked cunts while drinking wine. I heard shuffling at the door and a gently knock. I brazenly walked across stark naked and swung the door open to find Leon's smiling face. "Quick man, before security come back round," he said as he ran into the room following by two other guys.

For one moment, apprehension hit me in case they had other intentions but their body language reassured me.

"I told my buddies here there was white, willing cunt and they begged to join me," he said. "I see you started without us but we'll make sure the girls get real man meat."

Zoe was positively drooling at the prospect as the guys, still fully dressed, sat down and popped a can of beer each. Leon introduced the guys as Taz and Jimmy. Taz was a thin wiry young man who could have been 17 but I figured might be older, and Jimmy was a thicker set guy with a small beard and black as coal. All I could see what the sparkling white of his teeth. All three of them kept rubbing the front of their shorts and pronounced bulges were visible.

"You girls going to lick each other for us," said Leon and continued, "as it really gets me going."

Kim looked slightly afraid at the prospect but it was obvious the request was not so odd to Zoe as she dropped quickly to her knees between Kim's legs and started to lick her wet cunt. Slowly Kim's legs opened as she looked at me with a "what else can I do" look.

I knew what it was doing to me and my cock was absolutely rigid. The guys started to strip. The big surprise was Taz, the young lad, whose semi-erect cock slung low between his legs and even in that state looked about 8 or 9 inches long. It wasn't as big as Leon's and Ryan's looked tiny. The other guy had about 7 inches but his cock sprung out of curly black hair and was extremely thick, even by Ryan's standards. Leon dropped behind Zoe and started to lick her buttocks, his tongue straying quickly down to her hole. This guy was no shrinking violet.

Jimmy was stroking his meat as he walked forward, climbed on the bed and walked round to Kim, sticking his cock in her mouth. She loved it. I noticed that Leon was already pulling on a condom and going for Zoe's cunt from the back as she still licked Kim. He was going to fuck her doggy fashion. The young lad just stood and wanked his cock gently as did Ryan and I. Jimmy flipped Kim over and raised her legs. A rubber was stretched over his cock and he started to enter her. She had some problems in getting him in and resisted a few times before he entered. Soon the room was filled with ecstatic sounds as both women were being humped solidly.

I was standing next to Taz and looked at him, smiling. He smiled back and I looked down at his big cock hanging above his normal size balls and dropped to my knees. I took the cock from his hands and put my mouth over it. The lad looked a little surprised but I assume as there was nowhere else to put it, he allowed me to suck. It was slightly salty and was leaking clear precum but the hard monster was a delight to suck. Ryan went over and stuck his cock in Zoe's mouth while she was being fucked from behind.

The room was filled with the women's wails as each thrust entered them Both guys were gripping tits in a pretty violent way but Kim seemed to enjoy the aggressive sex. When Jimmy pulled out for a rest I guided Taz over and gently spread Kim's legs upwards in a "V" shape. She looked like a televison aerial! "Fuck her," I said!

The condom was a struggle but between us, I managed to stretch it over his cock. I held it firmly as Kim waited and I guided the young lad into her. He edged an inch at a time and each push brought a sharp intake of breath from Kim. I went behind her to stick my cock in her mouth and hold her legs up and back to let the full length of his big dick into her. Somehow she took the entire cock and he started a steady rhythm. I noticed that the others had stopped and were watching.

Zoe said, "I want that too!"

Taz was inexperienced but had the stamina of an ox as he pumped into Kim. The sounds were like pain as he hammered her cunt with the brute and the close up of her cunt lips stretching to accommodate it was an image I will never forget. Leon, by now had pushed me away and was at her head with his cock in her mouth, hammering at her. Jimmy knelt at her side and she gripped his cock in her hand. I choreographed Ryan to keel at her other side so she could grip his cock with her other hand. Two cocks in her and one in each hand.

Zoe, asked me to fuck her again so we went to the couch and I shagged her as hard as I could. This time she came much quicker. My thrusts were harder and more urgent and I assumed she was anticipating Taz.

Leon called her over and I pulled out. She lay alongside Kim and lifted her legs in the same position as her. Taz pulled out and inexpertly thrust his cock straight into Zoe without thinking. She screamed and the thought of his entry made my eyes water. He tried to pull out but she dug her nails into his back and forced him to keep fucking. This was getting wild with both women lying there like fuck sluts. There was no affection, no kissing, no tenderness, just two wide open cunts being fucked time and time again. Leon was already into Kim and fucking her and Jimmy once more was sticking his cock in any of the two mouths that would have it. Once more I climbed up and kissed Kim while he sucked him, taking his cock in my mouth as I did so. Ryan climbed up alongside him and Kim and I alternated between cocks. I rubbed the two cock heads together and Ryan instantly spurted cum
in thin jets over Kim's face and into my mouth. I kept rubbing his cock head against Jimmy and he shot too, Thick white dollops of cum splodged on to Kim and into her mouth and I managed to put my mouth briefly over the head to taste some of it.

As though they other two guys thought it was a precedent, the pulled out, ripped off their condoms and decided to give Kim their loads too. Taz had all the exuberance of youth and his cum was copious and thin. Great jets poured out hitting Kim in the hair, forehead, cheeks, tits and mouth. Again I slurped the remains and while I was doing it another warm spray hit my face from Leon. I came too with the warm remains of four guy's seed in my mouth and on my face.

We collapsed backwards on to the bed.

"Cool man," said Leon and he pulled his shorts on accompanied by his buddies. He looked quickly out of the door and they all disappeared with a wave and a "see you."

Kim lay splattered in cum and all four of us burst into laughter.

We didn't have any of the guys again though we did have Ryan and Zoe twice during our stay.

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