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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A question

Guys, how old were you when you started sleeping naked?


Anonymous said...

I sleep naked all the time, but in colder months I often wear a t-shirt to keep my neck and shoulders warm. I hate pyjama bottoms/shorts because I get tangled up in them.

Anonymous said...

for me it was after college.

Anonymous said...

I guess it was when i was around 14 years old. I remember ditching the pyjama top when i was around 12 and then finally the bottoms too when i finally got my own bedroom and didn't have to share with my younger brother.
Have never worn them since.

C.J. Clark said...

I began sleeping Naked at 12 years old. It wasn't too long when I started to
get a Stiff Cock after I'd
gone to bed. Then I'd Hump
the bed until I'd Shoot my
Load of Cum between my Naked Body & the sheets! So I started to strip the bed when I got home from school & wash the sheets, then remake my bed. That pleased Mom that I was being so clean minded. Of
course I did it so she'd Not See my CUM Stains! Now as an Adult I not only Sleep Naked, I Live Naked & Drive Naked!

Victor said...

I started sleeping naked at around 14. Like c j clark I used to hump the bed a lot when I was a teenager and didn't want pyjama bottoms getting in the way.

Burt said...

I was also somewhere around 12. I ditched the PJ's as too "kid stuff" (plus too hot in summer). I solved the cum on the bedsheets problem by humping my pillow instead -- washing the pillow case was much less trouble. To this day, can't stand wearing anything to bed, even if it is cold out.

CandyBoy said...

Since i leave in Brazil and here's TOO DAMN HOT (it's a tropical country, folks, don't you forget about it !!) we sleep naked since we're really young.
But in my teen years i remember sleeping naked and jerking on bed right around 12/13 years old.
i guess was around that time...

Anonymous said...

I always sleep nude and have done for as long as I can remember. Its much better than being cooped up in all that bedtime clothing, and much easier to fuck a female companion too! Sliding up close naked to a similarly attired female is wonderful!

rebelYeLL said...


A mate at boarding school always slept naked so I decided, me too!


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