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Monday, May 17, 2010

Daily Masturbation Technique

For this technique you need music, and preferably a portable player with earphones. Strip naked and lie on a bed or in any other comfortable place. Put a towel underneath you if you're worried about the mess. Make sure you have nothing touching your penis or any other part of your body apart from what you are lying on. Put on a CD of music that makes you horny – not music to make love to, but music to screw to. Then touch your heels and put your hands behind your head while you listen to the music. Think of sex and lots of it – let your mind go crazy. When you start to get an erection you'll want to touch it, but DON'T! Swing your hips up and masturbate with the air, but whatever you do, don't touch your penis until the music finishes – then, when the CD is over, grab your penis and masturbate wildly.

1 comment:

raulito said...

That sounds like a good idea but to some of us who can't afford the luxury of masturbation because that would mean you deprive somebody of your affection it is hard to do...when you are sexually active it is difficult to find time to masturbate or even the desire.
I don't know about you, but it has been years since I masturbated...I love it though...it is great pleasure and you don't have to look your best or cook them breakfast in the morning.


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