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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Experence In Masturbation

Just came across this story on the web:

As far back as I can remember I had been jacking off in one form or another, even though at an early age there was no cum,there was a good feeling in my groin and belly.

I have used the oils,slick lotions,viberators at first and even using the power spray in the shower letting the pin point of water hit on the under side of my dick till I was shooting cream all over the shower,man,it would take your breath away.

I remember a guy I worked with telling me about a trick he used often. At first I was afraid to try it but my curiosity got the best of me after awhile. The only kind of coffee pot I had was a drip so I had to look around until I found the old perk type which was the only kind that would work. I would fill it with water leaving the basket out and the lid off then plug it in till the water was luke warm. I would then squat over it and lower my balls in the water as I stroked my cock. The hotter the water, the more aroused I became till I was shooting loads of white milky cream, it was really awesome.

I even tried the pumps, as I used a ten inch rubber dick, sucking it till it was well lubed then slid it down my throat,I had practiced this with a long polish sausage til I had it mastered. The rubber cock was more life like and I liked it much better.(It's not easy to find a guy who has a dick long enough for that). Then I obtained another cock, an eight incher which I added to the session, it had a suction cup on the bottom which I stuck to a board and lowered my ass down on it as I used the other toys at the same time.

In time I graduated to the nipple clamps, taking an eighteen inch chain I attached an alligator clip to each end and would tease my nipples with one for awhile as I jacked off then would attach one to each nipple, loop the chain around my balls and stretch out slowly. The farther I stretched the, more the pain excited me and I would come with so much power my cream shot as far as my chin at times.

As anyone who loves to jack off knows, you are constantly looking for new ways and I was no exception. At first I wired up nine volt batteries and would hook one on one nipple then touch the other to my other nipple receiving a jolt, not life threatening but enough to get you worked up. But that was to crude, so I took a converter from my tape player, cut the wires, then attached clips to the ends. Taking a foot pedal I used to vary the speeds of my power tools, I plugged it in an outlet then plugged the converter into the pedal. Dabbing just a little water on each nipple, I placed the clips on my nipples then would press down on the pedal slowly, sending the juice to both nipples. Sometimes I press up and down on it several times quickly as I jacked off and when I am on the verge of coming I press the pedal down and hold it, shooting cream all over the place. The more I wet my nipples, the stronger the jolt, but it's never enough to really harm me unless I leave it on to long, then it can cause a burn, to my nipples.

I have even got jacked off as I ate pussy, being a person who has no trouble coming four and five times a night, I still satisfy my partner.

The strongest climax I ever had was when I was fisted one time. I have never done it done again because there was no one around who knew what they were doing and that's a must when it comes to doing that. At first the pain was all most unbearable but then it was like I was floating with a swooning sensation. The feeling of pleasure would be so great I would pass out for a minute or so.

The strongest feeling was when he was removing his fist and would reach a certain spot where the feeling was so intense, my body shook all over and I remember coming for the third time. It took two hours for him to go in and come out. I'm not talking about just his fist, I'm talking about a good portion of his arm. Still, it was another form of masturbation for me.

One thing I wanted to try and he said he could do it was while his fist was in my ass, have another guy slip his dick in and let the guy jack him off inside my ass, I was all for it, but the guy moved to Vegas before I had a chance to go back. I still intend to try that some day, even if I have to make a trip out there.

I love pussy as well as sucking dick and enjoy a nice hard dick up my ass often, but I still get a charge from just plain old jacking off, with a little added quirk thrown in.

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