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Sunday, May 02, 2010

This is something I've never been able to do

I've never been able to pee whilst my cock is hard. Is it common for guys to be able to do this?


Tarzan Boy said...

Actually it's pretty easy. I keep doing it all the time...you just have to drink 5 or 6 cans of beer (or soda, if you don't drink beer) and watch some porn before going to the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's not natural, but obviously it can be done. Like Tarzan said, you have to have a full bladder first. If you look at the video, the guy has to squeeze really hard to force himself to pee - just watch his balls. ouch. :)

Anonymous said...

It's not UN-natural either. Here’s a brief anatomy lesson—Urination with an erect penis is not uncommon. But, it’s also not always comfortable and (naturally) it’s difficult to control the direction of the stream! Physiologically, here’s what happens: The urethra (the tube inside the penis that goes from the bladder to the outside world and does the double duty of transporting both urine and semen to the outside) has two valves (sphincters) that work in tandem to control urine and semen flow. The internal urethral sphincter, which is connected to the bladder, is always open UNTIL orgasmic contractions begin. This is an involuntary action. Typically, at the same time, the external urethral sphincter, further down the line, also closes at the onset of orgasm. With both closed, the semen begins to collect in preparation for expulsion. Often you can “feel” the semen gather and you might experience a feeling of “welling up”. At the height of orgasm, during "the point of no return" when your orgasm is at its strongest and there’s no going back, your brain sends another involuntary signal to the external urethral sphincter to open. Then, WOWIE ZOWIE (not a medical term), ejaculation begins. Shortly thereafter, the internal sphincter again relaxes allowing you to urinate.

Randy said...

I can do it as well. Some guys can and some can't. I was amused by a high school biology teacher saying it was not possible. After class, several of us guys went to the locker room and proved she was wrong. I was more than glad to participate. lol


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