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Saturday, May 15, 2010


McKillop certainly knows how to make an entrance! Canadian designer Ryan McKillop has just launched his first line of underwear and they're available on Jockstrap Central. With 8 stunning jockstrap and backless pouch designs and in wonderful color combinations, these have to be the hottest thing we've seen in a very long time.

Designed specifically for your natural movement essential support and extraordinary lift. All styles have soft vented fully contoured four way stretch pouches for a stunning lifted package and ultimate bulge effect with either 1 1/2 inch or full 3 inch wide waistbands.

All jockstrap designs have traditional 3/4 leg straps, but it really gets interesting with the floating pouch design. They have no back straps or strings but are held in place by a fabric loop that attaches at the base of the pouch and slips over your boys for a floating effect. Visually stunning both from the front with its bulge boosted pouch or from the back having just a simple lone waistband. As an added bonus, there's no visible underwear lines seen through your outerwear.

Be sure to check out these winning styles over on Jockstrap Central

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