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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Foursome in the shower

I stand there in the one shower that was actually working this week on my floor of the student halls of residence. camp. Really this wasn't so bad. This was the big bathtub shower. I finish washing my 19 year old 6'1" athletic body and rinsing my short, dark brown hair and turn off the water. I pull my towel into the shower with the curtain still closed and begin to dry off. I hear the bathroom door open a moment later and just assume one of the other guys is coming in to get his shower. The curtain starts to open so I step toward the back of the tub to step out of the other end of the curtain when I see who steps in. OH MY GOD! It's Kirsty! She’s the girlfriend of one of the guys on my corridor. I stand there stunned at the back of the tub as she steps fully into view. My first thought is that she doesn't even know I am in there. My second thought is about how beautiful she is. She stands about 5'8" tall. Her twenty year old body is very trim without an ounce of fat but still displays delicious womanly curves. Her long dark hair hangs beautifully down her back as starts to adjust the water. I simply stand there staring, feeling my cock swell up to it's full hardness. She lets the water cascade down her and then she starts to turn so that her back is towards the water. Oh no! She is going to see me for sure now. But luck is on my side as she has her eyes closed. And then she does something that almost makes me cum immediately. She reaches her hand down and begins to very slowly rub her completely shaven pussy. She starts to moan loudly as she runs her thumb up and down over her clit. With her other hand she's rubbing her 38D tits. Man this is awesome! My cock feels like it is going to burst so I decide to take a big chance. I step toward her and say "Hey Kirsty, do you need help with that?"

She snaps her eyes open with a surprised look on her face but quickly recovers her cool. She looks down at my crotch and says "I could definitely use some help and you look like you are ready to give it to me."

As soon as I hear her say that I bend my head down and begin to gently lick and suck at her left breast. She puts both of her hands on my head and begins to run her fingers through my hair. I reach down and begin to rub my thumb over her erect clit while I suck on her hard nipple. After a few moments of this she whispers in my ear "Please Jamie, please fuck me now!"

Always being one willing to oblige others I put my hands around her waist and pick her up into the air. I hold her close to my chest for a moment, feeling her large breasts squished against my chest, before lowering her gently down onto my rock-hard cock. She gasps loudly as she feels my full 7 inches enter into her tight, wet pussy. She begins to rock back and forth before I grab her full hips and start to move her up and down on my cock. I gasp too as a feel her pussy gripping my cock each time I pull out and thrust back in. I love the feeling of my balls slapping against her ass on each thrust in. I put my head down and begin once again to suck on her breasts. First one and then the other back and forth as I fuck her. I can feel the cum boiling in my balls and I say "Kirsty I am going
to cum."

She jumps down off of my cock and kneels in front of me. She licks up the length of my cock and then takes the head into her mouth. Feeling her wonderful mouth on my cock sends me over the edge and I begin to shoot my cum into her mouth. I can hear her swallowing trying to get all of my cum down her throat but she simply can't take it all. It begins to run out of the side of her mouth and down onto her chin and neck. After I finally finish cumming she smiles up at me and the cum on her lips and chin gives her a beautiful sex kitten look. As I am basking in the feeling of one of the best orgasms of my life the shower curtain is suddenly pulled open.

I can feel fear shoot through me as I am sure we are about to be caught. I look to see who has caught us and am surprised to see Amy, who has a room on the floor below. And not only is she standing there smiling but she is completely naked. Amy is 19 years old and stands at about 5' even. She has the most beautiful red hair I have ever seen. She is about medium build, not fat but not skinny either. Her breasts aren't as big as Kirsty's only being about a 30C. But she is still very beautiful. To my surprise she looks at Kirsty and says "I see you started without me."

Kirsty looks up at her and replies "Well I was masturbating while I waited for you to arrive and Jamie was nice enough to offer me a helping...uhm well I was going to say a helping hand but I guess it was more like a helping cock."

"Well that was very nice of him" says Amy, "I wonder if he would be willing to do the same for me." Having said that she steps into the shower with us and turns off the water. "I don't think we will need this to make things wet in here." she says with a sexy grin.

Kirsty and Amy kiss each other passionately as I watch. Seeing these two beautiful women kiss is having the expected effect on me and I begin to grow hard again. This does not go unnoticed as they both smile at me. Amy moves towards me and grabs my cock. She begins to slowly rub it up an down while looking into my eyes. I bend down and kiss her deeply feeling our tongues intertwine as we taste each others mouths. Her hand is having a magical effect on my cock. She is obviously a handjob expert the way she is tweaking the sensitive part under my cockhead. With Amy's expert work I didn't even notice that Kirsty had stepped out of the shower until she stepped up behind me and blew in my ear. "Do you mind if we try something a little kinky Jamie?" Kirsty asks innocently.

At that moment I would have agreed to just about anything so I grunt an approval. As Amy continues to rub my cock Kirsty grabs my right wrist and holds it up against the shower curtain rod. She then takes a towel and ties my wrist to the rod. She then pulls up my other wrist and ties it to the rod also. She then kneels down in front of me as does Amy. Amy takes her hand off of my cock and replaces it with her tongue licking my cock up and down while Kirsty licks my balls. Then Amy takes a towel and ties my feet together. Kirsty then rips the shower curtain off and uses it to tie my feet up to the shower rod between my hands. It is long enough that I can still stand straight but short enough that I am completely immobilized. I feel a little uncomfortable as they both step back to check out their work. Then Amy smiles at me wickedly as she pulls Kirsty down to the floor and lays on top of her in a 69 position. The two girls begin to lick and suck each other's pussies as I watch. My cock is throbbing hard and feels as if it is about to burst and I can't even do anything to relieve myself. They continue to lick each other until Kirsty screams loudly. Her orgasm is obviously wonderful as she shakes and screams for almost a full minute.

As Kirsty lays in the tub moaning softly Amy stands up and looks at me saying "That was great fun but while I was down there I could tell that Kirsty had been fucked recently. That wasn't your doing was it?"

I nod my head in admittance so she moves towards me. "Well it is my turn now Jamie. You have to fuck me now."

She stands in front of me and turns so that she is facing away. She then bends over at the waist and moves back towards me. When she gets close enough she reaches back and grabs my hard cock guiding it to her hot pussy. She slowly, almost painfully slowly, moves back taking in more and more of my cock until I can feel my balls rubbing up against her clit. She slowly begins to fuck herself on my cock. She moves back and forth more and more quickly as she goes along. "Man Jamie you have a nice cock!"

I can feel her hot, wet, and very, very tight pussy holding onto my cock. "Oh God Amy! Your pussy feels fucking amazing!" I shout out.

"Thank you very much but you haven't even experienced half of the pleasures that are yet to come." She says impishly.

"Oh God Yes! Bring on the pleasure!" I say feeling myself nearing orgasm. This is the nicest pussy I have ever felt. Suddenly I feel two hands on my waist and my first thought is that it is Kirsty. But when I look to where she was laying she is still there smiling up at me. "What the hell?"

"You remember earlier when I stepped behind you to get the towels to tie you up with?" asks Kirsty. "Yeah" I say trying to look around behind me to see who is there but my binds are stopping me. "Well I went and called my boyfriend Josh to come and join in the action. By the way Josh is bi. I hope you are too. Cause he is about to fuck you up the ass." She said so matter of factly that at first it seemed like the most natural thing. Then it struck me.

"Wait are you saying that Josh is about to fuck me?"

"Yes I am." says Josh as I feel him rubbing some sort of lubricant in my ass hole. “Just concentrate on the feeling of Amy fucking you while I start to penetrate you. Then once the slight pain subsides try to get into it." And with that I could feel his cockhead pressing between my ass-cheeks.

So trying to follow his instructions I turn my attention back to the beautiful Amy who has been fucking my hard cock the whole time. I pay special attention to her tight pussy sliding up and down on my cock as I feel Josh's cockhead slip past my anus. As Josh's cock slides slowly deeper and deeper into my ass hole I start to feel a pretty tremendous pressure and I moan slightly in pain. Amy hears my moan and begins to slide up and down a little faster trying to take my attention away from the pain. It only works slightly. Suddenly I feel Josh’s balls up against my ass telling me he is all of the way in. He simply stops there and waits. After a moment I am accustomed to the feeling of his dick in my ass. "Okay Josh, I think I am ready for the fucking to begin." I say as sexily as I can.

With that he begins to pound his meat in and out of my ass. I feel his cock pulling in and out of me and I lose my load. I had been holding it back but I could do so no longer. I let loose with maybe my biggest load filling Amy's hot pussy until it flows out and runs down her legs. After her hot pussy finishes milking all of the cum out of my cock Amy moves over to where Kirsty is laying and takes a seat on Kirsty's face. Kirsty begins to lick all of my slimy cum out of Amy's cunt. Amy is moaning and wiggling on Kirsty's face as Josh continues to give my ass a good fucking. "Man Jamie. Your ass is really tight. It feels fucking awesome!"

"Thanks Josh." I say squeezing my ass muscles which elicits a deep groan from Josh. The girls are putting on quite a show as Amy is having orgasm after orgasm from Kirsty's expert tongue work. Amy is pinching and twisting her own nipples and squeezing her tits. Then she begins to push her nipples up to her mouth and lick them. And while all of this is going on Josh is still pounding into my ass. With every thrust I can feel his balls slap against my ass cheeks. He is starting to grunt and moan loudly and I can tell he isn't going to last much longer. I lean my head back as far as I can and kiss him full on the lips shoving my tongue into his mouth. As I kiss him passionately I suddenly feel a tongue, and then two tongues, on my cock. I break our kiss and then look down. Kirsty and Amy are both very lovingly cleaning the cum and pussy juice off of my cock. Amy notices that I am looking down at them and says, "Well I am all cleaned out now and we happened to notice that you weren't clean yet so we figured we would help you out."

I smiled just wishing that my hands weren't tied so that I could run my hands through Kirsty and Amy's hair. As that thought runs through my mind Josh slams hard all of the way into me and screams as I can feel his hot cum filling my ass hole. He simply holds my hips rocking back and forth behind me as Kirsty and Amy work over my hard cock with their mouths. Josh kisses me deeply again as I feel one of the mouths move down and suck one of my balls into her mouth. Josh pulls his softening cock out of my ass hole with a plop. "Please Josh, please don't pull out. I feel so empty." I say almost crying. Because even though Kirsty and Amy's mouths feel wonderful on my cock the feeling of Josh's dick inside of me is just amazing.

"Don't worry I will take care of you." Says Josh. I feel him rubbing his hands on my hips and then he kneels down behind me. At first nothing happens so I try to concentrate on Kirsty and Amy but then I feel Josh's tongue gently probing my ass hole.

"Oh God yeah Josh! Lick your cum out of my ass!" Kirsty looks around my waist and moans in ecstasy at the sight of Josh eating me out. It causes her to attack my cock with extra fervour as Amy sucks and fondles my balls. Josh is giving me a really expert tongue job and Amy and Kirsty both feel like master cock suckers. Between the three of them I can feel my orgasm boiling up inside of me. "Here it comes ladies. Get ready for a cum flood like never before. AAAAAAAH!" I scream as I release a flood of hot man juice all over Kirsty and Amy's faces. Shot after shot of cum drenches both of their faces and tits. Josh eats me out for another minute as I simply slump against my binds. After Josh finishes he unties me and I stumble out and lay on the floor. I turn and look to see Amy and Kirsty licking my cum off of each other's faces and tits.

What a way to shower!


Anonymous said...

One of your best stories, I always get the feeling though that they ae based on truth with a little erotic license....from a straight female fan

MikeCindynJoe said...

A hot read, but I tend to agree with your "straight female fan". A good read tho' and I'll be back.

Another good title might be "Coming Clean" (misspelled purposefully for an "R" rating)



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