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Monday, October 20, 2008

A night with Lisa

A few weeks ago a new girl, Lisa, started working in the office next to mine. We clicked as soon as she started work and we spent a few lunchtimes chatting over sandwiches. Last Tuesday she asked me for a lift home and when we got there she asked if I wanted to come in for a while. As Kim was away for the night I told her I would. As soon as we got in she went to get herself changed whilst I got a beer from her fridge. She re-appeared wearing sweats and a flimsy t-shirt and for some reason my cock lurched at the site of her. She clearly had no bra and yet her boobs seemed as perfect with one on. I smiled and like a tiger on its prey she was on me in a flash. She pinned me against the wall. My cock was aching to be released, but my hands made my way into her sweats to feel she was not wearing any panties. Her shaved cunt was wet and slippery already. I pulled her pants down and let them drop to the floor.

She tugged at my belt and loosed my chinos letting them fall as well. I stood there with my thong tented out and her shirt half over her head. I kicked my chinos off as she pulled away and made her way to her settee. I was naked in no time and I got on my knees in front of her and buried my face in her shaved pussy. I lapped at her cunt like I was a thirsty dog over a bowl of cold water. She squealed with glee as I licked her gushing cunt. She entangled my hair with her fingers and tried to pull me into her, as if my head was going to fit inside of her.

She cried out release of each orgasm my mouth brought to her. She pushed me back on the floor and plunged her pussy on my hard and waiting cock. She bounced on my dick for just a few moments when I tossed a huge load of sperm in her. I came fast, but my cock never went soft as she kept bounding up and down on it.

She was panting hard as I rolled her over on the floor keeping my still hard cock buried in her shaved pussy. I kept pile driving her for what seemed like an eternity. She came over and over again. I never let up. I may have been quick on the draw the first time, but I tended to last forever on the second.

She asked me to go to the bed as she realised her windows were open and we were in plain site of the neighbouring homes. We got up and went into her bedroom and there I shoved her down on her knees and entered her from behind. I fucked her doggy style for several more minutes till I came again coating her cunt with my hot spunk.

She fell forward her with ass exposed to me with my sperm leaking from her pussy. She breathed heavily into her pillow. I sat back on my knees with my cock gleaming with her juices still clinging to it. It slowly shrank back down to size. Her legs were shaved, tan and quite shapely. My mind wandered about fucking her again and she snapped me back to reality when I felt her mouth lick my cock clean and she pushed me on to my back and lifted my legs and rimmed my arse hole.

She slimed her finger in me and I moaned a loud moan and asked for a second finger. She did not disappoint and let a second enter me. I was soon hard and she had her mouth all over it as she finger fucked my ass. She jacked my cock and plunged her finger into me, and I was moaning so loud that she was asking me to keep quiet. My cock exploded with the force from the combination of her hand, mouth and fingers.

We lay there in silence covered in cum and pussy juice. She soon drifted off to sleep and I crept out of her bed and in to the early evening dark into her shower. I cleaned myself of our sticky juices in the light of her shower. I towelled off and quietly gathered my clothes and headed out the door, but not before leaving her a note. Letting her know I would love to see her again and suggested dinner that next night.

I got out to my car and drove home to a waiting message from Kim.


zebra said...

Nice fuck story, a classic formula that can never fail. Hope Kim's been fooling around with equal abandon -- and wants you to know all about it so she can torment your cock. How do you feel about her going with other guys?

KnickerBox-Frenchies said...

Jamie i love your storys!

swingcouple said...

Hot story! Thank you!

Kate said...

Oh you can fuck me anytime that got me so horny....


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