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Sunday, October 26, 2008

What age did you first let someone else wank you, or you wank them?

Firstly, what age did you first let someone else masturbate you (and I mean of your own free will of course)?

Secondly, what age did you first masturbate someone else?

In each case was it another male, or a girl, and how did you feel afterwards? Did you do it regularly? Was it only done to you the first time, or did you return the favour?


Anonymous said...

I was thirteen, A younger cousin was awakened by my squeaking bedsprings and asked what was going on. I showed him, and he wanted to try his hand at it, so as to speak, and he only made two pumps before I shot off.

I felt guilty as hell and have never let another guy do it again, and I never touched another guy.

Anonymous said...

I had just turned sixteen, my parents had left for the weekend, and I had the duty of babysitting my twelve year old sister.

Four of her bubble-gummer friends had came over and they were all in the other room talking about boys, and one had brought a comdom for show and tell. My sister asked me to 'model' it for them, and I finally agreed. I swore them all to secrecy (Twelve year olds, yeah right) then turned my back, dropped my pants, and stroked myself hard and slipped on the rubber.

I turned around and they all oohed and aahed, then finally one of them reached out and touched my dick. I shot off instantly and felt embarrassed, but the next week one of the girls' sisters called me p and invited me out, and I ended up losing my cherry.

swingcouple said...

Received - fifteen, a girl wanked me in a shelter on Plymouth Hoe while I fingered her. My cum went everywhere and I was very embarrassed!

Given - late thirties, wanked my first man at a party while he wanked me. I was a late starter for bi activity!

Anonymous said...

12 when wankd by Aunts BF - not uncle and not old...Horny as!

14 when wanked one of my friends off at a urinal in school lol

Anonymous said...

A friend and I jacked off together at 14 or so. He had at least two other guys he messed around with and is straight with kids and wife. We took each others dicks in our mouths but did not really know what to do. We each stuck our dicks in each others butt but only the head. I told him to push his inside me but he was afraid. We jacked each other off several times in different places. At 15 my family moved to another city so that was the end of that fun. I am gay, BTW.

Anonymous said...

A buddy of mine & I jacked each other off at age 8. I sucked my first cock a short time later. I swallowed my first load of cum when I was in the seventh grade (my older step-brother, 10 1/2" cock). I'm bi and love to suck cock and swallow cum.

Anonymous said...

I was ten. Sitting at back of darkened class as educational vid was on and my mate put his hand on my cock and started rubbing. I was hard instantly and returned the favor. We were both like rocks and wanked each other off trying to keep quiet as it was so horny. Cum all over our shorts and had to try explain that to our other mates! It was great.

Kentucky Jacker said...

I guess technically I was about 10 with a cousin of mine but of course at that age neither of us could cum yet so it was more of "show and tell" type thing but did involve touching and playing with each other's cocks. Was fun and felt kind of good but no good endning. First to involve cum I was about 12, maybe closer to 13... it was with a friend of mine from school, and we were both already jacking off and had been for a while. We ended up starting to do it together one day out in some woods near our house but after a couple minutes we ended up doing each other at the same time while we stood right at each other. We ended up cumming all over each others cocks and legs, it was an incredible experience that we continued for a long time.


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