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Sunday, October 19, 2008

What's under your gym shorts?

Guys, what do you wear under your gym shorts at the gym? Jocks, thongs, briefs? Why?
If your shorts have a liner, does that make a difference?


Anonymous said...

Under my gym shorts? Often nothing-love the feel of my cock, bush and balls rubbing against the shorts themselves but i have one pair where the liner is kind of ripped so i wear briefs with those-kind of a pain though, b/c they get so wet from workout and i literally have to peel them off-

zebra said...

More of a swimmer here, though at a gym, so am always on the lookout for cute guys I've noticed at work. Even if they are too unimaginatively straight to want to play nicely, it's always such a precious moment when you can get to stand naked with them in the locker room or shower and see their cocks and balls.

As indeed it was with you, Jamie, when a few posts down you showed us your own fine genitals, both at rest and getting ready for business -- delicious! Kim is a really lucky lady...

swingcouple said...

Thong usually, jock occasionally - hate the sort of shorts with a liner. I love guys to watch me when I'm changing, you might hook up with one... it has happened!

Anonymous said...

At the gym, I wear a jock. Apparently the younger guys don't wear a jock these days, but I still do. A jock is purely masculine--the only garment that's only for men! I like how if holds my cock and balls and how the straps hold my ass.


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