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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Speedos or shorts.....which do you prefer?

I always prefer speedos whether I'm swimming, chilling by the pool or on the beach.


zebra said...

Total speedo devotee here, and the other blog I like to follow is http://www.aussiespeedoguy.com

Like your blog, Jamie, it dispenses a storyline that I take to be true in all essentials, given with the honesty and integrity of two guys stripping off and falling into bed. It’s got the natural soap-opera sexiness of Neighbours in its early days, with Kylie, Jason and Guy Pearce in their swimwear. But whereas I’d be watching the TV show and keeping a quiet eye on those unsung special guest stars, the boys in the guys’ speedos, here, fortunately, we get more than the occasional glimpse.

I love young speedo guys who are properly cock-centred, but are happy to have bikini babes join in the cock-worship too... What other blogs are there hosted by a believable bi hero?

Anonymous said...

personally prefer shorts-especially the true red lifeguard bathing suit look-even better with a hairy stomach and hairy legs!

Anonymous said...

I prefer neither, I go to nude beaches. But if I had to choose then a small speedo.


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