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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun after gardening last weekend

Last Saturday was probably the first good day of the year so I decided to get out into the garden and do some general tidying up and weeding whilst Kim was out shopping. I worked up a sweat and eventually stripped down to my underwear. When I’d finished I went inside tossing my underwear off and opened a cold beer.

Sitting there naked on the couch, I suddenly felt horny. I stroked my cock a little and felt it begin to rise. I reached for some lube, spread my legs and let my imagination run wild while stroking my hot cock.

I leaned back and continued enjoying the pleasure for a few minutes until I heard a slight sound coming from outside. I jerked up to see Pete my neighbour’s 19 year old son watching me. I’d forgotten he was home from university for the weekend. I was frozen and just stared. But he seemed to be in better control and just smiled, reaching inside his sweats to pull his hard cock out. He smiled again and pointed to the sliding glass doors. I finally regained my composure and nodded. He came inside.

I really didn't know what was going to happen and thought I'd just explain so we could save any embarrassment. "Wow, you've got a big cock," he said, standing about six feet away. "Hey, Pete, this sometimes happens to us guys as I'm sure you know. I didn't think anyone would be around," I said, sitting up now and forcing my rock-hard cock against my flat stomach. "Yeah, I know," he said, still playing with his own cock. There was a little silence, and then he said, "Can I sit down, too?"

My own good sense should have said no, but when your cock is in control, good sense often doesn't prevail. "Yeah, sure, if you want to," I said, watching him come over to the couch and sit down. By now, my cock was raging with precum drooling out the end. He kicked off his trainers and pushed down his sweats, making him as bare as I was. He began to stroke his cock while staring at mine. I put my hand back on my cock and slid it up a couple of times.

"That's the biggest cock I've ever seen," Pete said softly. "Can I touch it?" I didn't say anything but removed my hand and leaned back. Pete quickly reached over and started jacking me off. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as the wonderful attention of his hand on my sensitive cock and balls was ecstasy.

Through half opened eyes, I saw him slid down on the carpet in front of me, continuing to explore my superheated cock. I closed my eyes again, feeling his gentle caress down the shaft, across my balls, back up to the head. He would pull it back and let it flop nosily against my belly. I automatically opened my legs a little wider to give him full access.

Suddenly, I felt a new sensation. My eyes flew open as I watched - and felt - Pete drive my cock half way down his throat. Before I could react, he was sucking furiously. All I could do was moan at this point and let him keep up the good work. And that he did. He licked and sucked and massaged like I've never had before. As he gained confidence that I wasn't going to slug him or send him home, he went at my cock like a pro. When I would feel myself getting close, I would gently push his head away and he would rest for a few seconds before returning to that saliva-covered shaft.

He had me almost in delirium with the antics of his tongue and throat. It was obvious this wasn't his first time taking cock. At first, I reacted involuntarily and thrust my cock down his throat, causing him to gag. Finally he relaxed and got control of his gag reflex. He would start at the head and push that throbbing shaft all the way down his throat, driving his nose into my trimmed pubic hair. I could feel his throat muscles tighten around my rock-hard cock. During "rest time" he would lick and suck my balls until he felt he could attack that throbbing piece of meat again.

I heard a noise and looked to see him grabbing at the nearby lube and condoms. He was pounding his cock, too. Suddenly he stood up, his own six-inch cock stick straight out. He turned and, before I could react, was lowering his tight hole over my slick cock. If he had poured molten lava over my cock I don't think it would have felt as hot.

I instinctively reached up to hold his hips as he continued his slow decent to paradise. When it seemed a little too much for him, he would rise up, slide up and down a few times and then ease a little further down that huge pole. There was an unbelievable sight before my eyes of a tight ass gradually consuming a throbbing, glistening shaft. I could see the hole stretch wide to accommodate almost more than it could handle.

Finally, I felt him rise up, straighten his back and crash down hard, driving the last inch or so all the way up his hole. I thought I would pass out from the feeling of complete ecstasy. I could feel his pelvic bones on either side of my crotch as my cock disappeared deep in the super-heated recesses of his gut. I heard him gasp.

He held it deep for a few seconds and then began to slide up and down my shaft. I held his hips and watched my cock appear and disappear in that glistening hole. As he became more relaxed, he began to rotate his hips, drive back and forth and literally fuck my cock.

He pulled off my cock and swung around so he was seated in my lap. He repositioned my cock and it slid into his hole effortlessly. I started fucking his hot ass now, thrusting up to meet his descending ass.

I pushed some of Kim’s magazines to the floor and swung him around on the couch. Then I began to fuck his ass like I've never fucked before. He was moaning loudly as he wrapped his legs around my waist to give me better access to his hungry hole. I leveraged my feet against the arm of the couch and drove every millimeter of my cock deep inside his sweet ass.

I'm sure the whole time wasn't more than 30 minutes from when he sat down to when I felt that first rumble deep inside that signals an impending climax. And he could sense it too as he held on to my shoulders and locked his legs around my waist, ensuring my cock would not be able to withdraw until it was completely drained.

"Oh, man, I'm cumming," I moaned, as I repeated raped his well-fucked hole. I would pull back as far as his legs would let me and then slam back into his guts, the force of my drive met by the thrust of his ass and the grip of his legs.

My climax seemed to last forever. Gradually, I began to slow down, still stroking my cock deep in his stretched hole but with less hunger. Even having just emptied my balls completely, it felt so good to just slide my softening cock back and forth, feeling him tighten his ass muscles to let me know he too was satisfied.

Finally I slid my cock out of his well-fucked ass. I couldn't move and closed my eyes. I suddenly felt the condom being removed and something warm on my cock and barely opened my eyes to see Pete wiping off my softening cock with a warm, damp washcloth.

"Where did you learn all that?" I said softly. "There's a lot more than courses at uni," he laughed. "But I think this was one of the best...if not the best." "Unbelievable and incredible," I replied. "Yeah, and just think we're right next door. Just let me know when you want Round Two. I'm always horny," he smiled as he picked up his sweats and headed for the patio door.

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