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Monday, April 06, 2009


When Jockstrap Central saw the new camouflage fabric, they loved it so much they decided to not just bring in the jockstrap, but also the cheek boxer, jock-string, and thong. They had just met their new model Stefano (a handsome fitness trainer) and just knew he was just the guy for this new gear. They were right!

All the new gear is constructed with Joe Snyder's signature s-t-r-e-t-c-h Plyamide/Lycra fabric that molds and forms to all your assets. Each of these four styles have unique design elements that Stefano shows off to perfection.

The Stretch Jockstrap has a peek-a-boo pouch design with a slit between the waistband and pouch, convenient when you get so excited from wearing this sexy gear.

The Cheek Boxer has a contoured front pouch and the back side is cut high and has a rear center seam that clearly defines each cheek.

The Jock String marries the styling of a jock with it's wider front pouch and dual back string straps, but with an adjustable loop that joins the leg straps keeping the straps centered between your cheeks.

And finally, the Thong has a classic thong back but has a very narrow front pouch perfect for those who like to point to the sky.

Be sure to check out the new gear and all the delicious new photos of Stefano over at Jockstrap Central.


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