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Thursday, April 16, 2009

My first anal orgasm

My first anal orgasm was about the most earth-shattering thing I'd ever experienced. I'd played about a little with rubbing my ass and inserting a finger or two as part of masturbation but I usually stopped and came by jacking off normally. One day I decided to use my then gf's dildo in my ass - I just had an inexplicble urge - so I lubed up and squatted down on the dildo and felt it slide inside me until suddenly I felt a surge of pleasure go right through my cock. I started to slide up and down on the dildo, slowly fucking myself before turning the it on to vibrate - the pleasure flowing from my prostate was fantastic. Instead of sliding up and down the dildo, I just grabbed it with one hand and started fucking my own ass with it and the most intense pleasure built up and built up until I looked down and saw my cock twitch as it shot out a load of thick milky cum! I felt weak and shaken from the intensity of my orgasm and I was so stunned that I'd just come without touching my dick once.

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ashigaru_spearman said...

i used to occasionally bottom and i was riding this guy and my erect dick was lightly slapping against his belly. the slapping and his dick in my butt got me really goin and i all of a sudden started to cum. for a split second i didnt get what was goin on but when i did i really started to just ride his cock as hard as i could and i shot all over his chest. he thought it was super fuckin hot. so did i.


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