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Saturday, April 04, 2009


Pride is coming. Do you know what you're wearing? How about showing your jockstrap pride and wearing one of these latest creations from Activeman.

Last year at their booth at Toronto Pride Jockstrap Central had loads of requests for a Pride jockstrap so they mentioned this to Activeman and a few weeks later, Activeman delivered. Rainbow jocks are now available in four flavors on Jockstrap Central's site .

The pouch of these jocks is constructed of a woven moisture wicking fabric which seamlessly travels the colors of the rainbow and are available with either 1 and one quarter or 3 inch wide waistbands. All jockstraps have the rainbow pouch with either white or black waistband and leg straps.

Jockstrap Central says they saw lots of guys out on the street wearing nothing but their jockstraps and they expect even more this year. They know they were partly to blame as countless guys bought jockstraps, tried them on and then stuck their clothes in a bag and walked away to enjoy the rest of the day - hot!


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