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Monday, September 29, 2008

Babes on this blog

Thanks to Zebra for his comments on my Beachwear post. He finished by saying:

Like this blog, it's one to return to, because you feel it's about a real guy. The only thing I could ask for more of on each is greater bikini-babe participation and comment...

I did go through a phase of posting babes but I got a few e-mails from guys saying that wasn't what they wanted. I guess they were from guys who are gay rather than bi. As this is a bi blog (and I am bi) I think I just may go back to posting some babes from time to time. What's the feeling from you lot reading this?


zebra said...

Thanks -- glad to have made the main board! There are loads of gay blogs -- it's your capacity for charming the ladies that gives even greater meaning to your exploits with the guys. And if that gives rise to friction with different people who want different things, then that's all part and parcel of the bisexual life.

In fact, a truly bisexual career doesn't get off the ground at all in any sort of honest way unless you've got real physical magnetism continues to give you some chance even with girls who have some idea how talented and versatile you can be. Since you clearly have, I expect a lot of bi-guys would like to read about it!

Maybe the balance of pics needs to keep the guys in the majority -- but it would be great to have more women commenting. As to what I'd like to do to you -- why, press my lips to your jeans so I can get that hardening ridge fully defined as you run through your triumphs with Kim and the other ladies... and how you feel about other guys who may be seeing Kim...

bigbrother2084 said...

yes! more girls!


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