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Sunday, September 28, 2008


What is it with guys who wear shorts on the beach and who end up looking like they are wearing a nappy?

Wouldn't he be better in a pair of speedos?

Or even naked?


zebra said...

All these vital speedo questions are addressed exhaustively at another fine male bisexual blog, http://www.aussiespeedoguy.com

What's great about it is that it presents a storyline that I take to be true in all essentials, dispensed with the honesty and integrity of two guys stripping off and falling into bed together.

Being Australian, it’s got the natural soap-opera sexiness of Neighbours in its early days, with Kylie, Jason and Guy Pearce in their swimwear. But whereas I’d be watching the TV show and keeping a quiet eye on those unsung special guest stars, the boys in the guys’ speedos, here, fortunately, we get more than the occasional glimpse.

Like this blog, it's one to return to, because you feel it's about a real guy. The only thing I could ask for more of on each is greater bikini-babe participation and comment...

Erotic and Sensual said...

When I was younger, I used to wear speedos. But now, I am older and my wife consider me sexy naked. Two guys naked in the water looks hot.


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