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Monday, September 01, 2008

Sharing underwear

Does anyone share underwear with their friends or roommates?

In college m flatmate and I decided to just pool our laundry, so underwear and stuff kept getting mixed up. I must admit, sometimes it was hot walking around all day knowing my cock was where his hds been, and hot to think of him walkin around in my briefs.

Anyone have any experiences or thoughts to share?


Anonymous said...

It's a shame you've no email. Would like to discuss something with you...nsasession@gmail

Anonymous said...

I worked installing new lockers in a high school shower room one time. Some kid left his jock strap, gym shorts, and tee shirt in one of the old lockers, so I took them home. The kid must hab=ve been pretty good sized because they fir me okay, but the pouch of the jock strap was all stretched out. Just putting the thing on gave me an erection, and I spent hours wondering who the kid was, how well hung he might be, and how many times and with whom he'd had sex. I always put the thing on when I jacked off, and I finally wore it out.

Anonymous said...

last year, my roommate didn't have any clean underwear so he asked me to borrow a pair of mines. it was kinda weird but exciting. i bet he wondered how big my dick was.

jakeinfl said...

i'm a swimmer, and occasionally guys lose their suits, well, i always scarf them up and love beating off later wearing them, thinking about what was in them. BUT..once i didn't wash a pair i found before wearing, and i frikking got crabs!!


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