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Monday, September 29, 2008

What do you want to do with me?

Last month I asked you what you'd like to do with me (see here). Thnaks to all of the 287 people who voted. 30% of you said you'd like to do everything possible and now I'd like you to be more specific. So what exactly do you guys want to do to me?


Anonymous said...

Fuck you, suck you, and start some fun kink. Perhaps have you as the bottom of a gang bang.

Anonymous said...

lick you from head to toe-rub against your bush and suck you dry.

Anonymous said...

i want to be your whore boy for one night i will have a shower and prevar my mouth ass and body for you. i will lick you and suck you every where. i want you to but your legs between my head and feed me all your lovely couk. i will suck your toe while you are fingrring my soft boy ass. while you are laying on your bed i will put the vaslin in your cock and make my ass in the center of your body and set on it. after you fuck me hard and cum on my ass and mouth i want to lay between your legs and put put your soft dick in my mouth and sleeeeeeeep

Anonymous said...

I would suck you until you shot in my mouth and then I would use your cum to lube my hot ass for you to fuck me


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