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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fun in the jacuzzi

There were 8 of us crammed into the jacuzzi built for only 4 , maybe six. But we didn't really care. After the beer we had drunk, the feeling of hips and legs against each other didn't bother us. Simon pulled off his shorts under water and made a big deal twirling them in the air before tossing them beyond reach. The rest of us joined in afterwards making a similar big deal. I slipped mine off too after being kidded about being shy. My shorts lay on the edge behind me within reach. The image of the 8 friends standing naked as they left the jacuzzi concerned me.

More beer soon removed those thoughts as jokes, arguments about teachers, sarcasm and jokes about still living at home consumed us. Our bare hips rubbed against each other as we shifted, ducked under the water and the time passed.

I didn't jump when I felt the toes but I looked around to see how it was. I couldn't jump up else everyone would not only see me naked but see my penis had become a hard cock. The toes flipped, nuzzled and toyed with my balls testicles and penis. It felt good but I couldn't reveal it. They couldn't belong to Mark or Adrian on either side of me or I'd feel their legs too. It must be someone further away. Of course with 16 knees so close to each other the playful toes could belong to Ed, Tim or even Simon. I looked at each one. They were laughing, occasionally closing their eyes enjoying the heat or nudging each other. It couldn't be Simon though he was directly across from me.

Simon was so straight it was practically a sickness. The boy had been a playground bully when most of them went to junior school. In time he exchanged that reputation for his sports achievements which made him one of the big men in secondary school. His dating history was famous for some of the most mature and popular girls too. He was always first to take his shirt off displaying his masculine shoulders and chest. And he verbally attacked kids who didn't play sports or were considered geeks. Yet he was popular and one of the 8 who I hung out with now we were all in sixth form.

I was hard as I was aroused to be sitting naked in public, be sharing the same hotter then bathwater with 7 other naked guys, excited that they were often in my thoughts when I was satisfying myself in my bedroom and it was evening with the darkness hiding their night hanging out.

I began to wonder if any of the others were hard too. The bubbles hid all I wondered about, their cocks, the toes that fumbled between my legs. I parted my legs more to let the anonymous feet have room. The guys on either side of me didn't object as my legs pushed against them a bit.

"Shit" Mark said. "Want more?" "Beer" Simon said and some of the others agreed. Mark stood up. His penis was in view of everyone. It wasn't hard like mine but it seemed at least half hard. The guys whistled and hooted as he jopped over the edge and walked naked into the house. He returned with bottles for everyone and plopped back down in the water splashing everyone creating curses and laughter. I took Mark’s absence to move a bit and look around. Simon was looking at me and he winked.

I remembered being 8 years old and holding the bloody nose that bully Simon had given me. I had hated the guy then. Why was I the target for the bully's fist? The kid had picked on me relentlessly that year. I smiled and laughed at the memories. They were friends now and had become friends while trying out for the swimming team. Simon lasted awhile but quit since the team schedule competed with the football team's. I stayed on the team though I didn't achieve the type of sports awards that Simon did.

The toes were back and buried under my balls wiggling. I looked at Simon then at the others in case anyone was watching them. It couldn't be Simon, I thought. Mikey sat next to Simon. He was tall having long legs. He laughed and the toes disappeared. Maybe it was Mikey. The bubbles still hid the identity of the playful feet.

They all crammed together as Mark returned. Beer bottles were shaken and sprayed each other. The boys alternated ducking under the water to wash it all off.

"Shit, there's more wood under there then on the patio" Mikey said as he arose. The guys laughed taunting each other about apparently having erections. Mikey stood and showed his off earning more whistles and hoots. He jacked a few times and everyone told him to sit back down.

I thought it was Mikey after all especially since after sitting back down the mysterious toes were fondling his own erection.

"Everyone stand up" Mark said "biggest boner gets a free beer".

One by one each guy stood. Some had erections and others had half hards. I stood and waved my erection getting my share of hoots and comments.

"Well since we're all hard, lets go inside. I can put on some of my Dad's porn" Mark said as he stood. His erection seemed harder then before. I watched the bare buttocks and waving penis as the group began to leave.

"Simon come on" Mark said. I noticed that the former bully was still in the jacuzzi. "No me and Jamie are gonna stick here for a bit" he said. I who was standing looked at Simon. It was Simon I knew. I sat back down.

The guys were soon making noise about the women they watched on the tv.

Simon's legs rested over mine. We didn't talk. Our hands rested on each others bare thighs as we moved our hands where both wanted them to be. It wouldn't take long we both knew. And we both wanted to feel the sensations of spewing underwater. The playground bully and his target were stroking each other.

Only our facial expressions and occasional groans told us of the pleasure we were giving and getting. We dared not talk or make loud sounds.

When it happened it was exhausting. Our cumsquirted into the hot water and would soon be swallowed by the drain as the water recycled. The bubbles which had hid our search for each other earlier had stopped as the timer stopped the jacuzzi's churning.

"Wanna go in?" Simon asked

"Sure" I said wanting to kiss the smiling lips.

We walked naked next to each other. I wanted to reach for his hand and ask for more. I wondered if there was a future. "My folks are out of town. We can uh hang out there after this is over" Simon said

"Cool" I replied as I felt my cock being to harden again. I saw Simon's cock had not gotten totally soft and was now at full hardness again.

I hoped, like I was, that Simon was anticipating the night ahead.

Our entrance was cheered by the others who had been openly jacking themselves watching porn. They assumed we were going to join them watching porn. There were no bubbles to hide the hard cocks. Were the 8 buddies aroused only by the images of naked women and men on the big screen or were they excited about being naked with their friends, jacking their erections together? Simon and I knew the answer at least about ourselves.

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