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Monday, September 29, 2008

Titan Jockstraps

Over at Jockstrap Central they've just got a new line of jockstraps in from N2N called Titan Jockstraps and although everything that N2N makes is erotic, they have stepped it up a notch with these new jocks. The Nylon/Lycra fabric is more like swimsuit material, which means it's durable but it hugs your meat and two veg. But that's not all, the outer layer of the pouch snaps off to reveal a built in cock ring which lift your boys up and pushes them forward. Can you say mega bulge? The Titan's snap on pouch and built in cock ring design of this hot jockstrap lift you up and push you out - ensuring the best bulge possible. As they say "it's not really cheating, it's just a simple adjusting of what you got to maximize your assets. Besides, women have been doing it for ages! Of course this jockstrap is not only functional and stylish but it's super comfortable with it's nylon/lycra fabric that's soft, smooth with just the right amount of hug."

These new jockstrap come in three flavors - metallic green, black and Camouflage and below you can see Peter and Danny demonstrating just how they work. I understand that Danny and Peter had a great time modeling these new jocks and you can clearly see the effect of the built in cock ring in the profile shots.

1 comment:

swingcouple said...

These are great! Love the guys bodies and especially the nipple rings, much thicker than mine! Geoff


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