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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last night in the showers

It was fairly late last night when I finsihed my gym workout and I was the only one in the changing room. Just as I was headed to the showers two very hot 18 something guys came in. Knowing how shy guys that age are, I didn't think much about it except thinking how cute they both were. A few minutes later they joined me in the shower and took showers right across from me. But both of them stayed facing the shower. Nice asses, but I had no idea what they were packing. Then to my surprise, the one right across from me turns around and faces me with a rock hard cock showing. He just smiled at me and started to stroke it. I started to get hard as he was so hot and it was so unexpected. His friend that was showering next to him peeked around the divider and saw his mate stroking his hard dick and immediately started stroking as well. We all were just watching each other, no one saying a word. One of them started to cum and all the sudden we were all shooting our loads across from each other. I love those unexpected surprises.

1 comment:

zebra said...

Such a great moment -- thanks for sharing. A couple of posts down, we were joined by a couple of ladies: I wonder if girls in general have any true idea how much time, energy and fluids that guys from 12 up put into wanking. Or maybe they do the equivalent, but just don't bother to mention it too much...


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